The VR Heists (Mission Maker) The Scarface Update 1.2


A new Missions Pack featuring a brand new Heist is now available for download!

The Scarface Update adds a bunch of new content to The VR Heists! Apart from a big 3-Missions Heist inspired by the movie Scarface, 2 new Enemy Types have been introduced with the new Heist along with a bunch of other changes!

A new contact, called Mr. Sosa has recently contacted Lester about a big job opportunity. A former partner of his, Tony Vercetti decided to go rogue and betray him. Mr. Sosa trusted Tony with a very important job which he failed to complete. Its now your job to plan, prepare and take Tony Vercetti down. Mr. Sosa says that Tony has a lot of cash stashed at his Penthouse, so you'll make more than just a quick buck from this job.

The VR Heists is a continually-expanding Missions Pack Mod for Grand Theft Auto V, featuring various Heist Missions and Challenges for players to play. - concept inspired by Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions.

Step into the shoes of Michael again, as he stumbles across some illegally-modified VR technology specifically designed to train bank robbers and criminals by allowing them to participate in various heists and challenges in a simulated reality.


Mission Maker

Simple Trainer - Required to enable MPMaps, Cayo Perico and certain Online Interiors used during the Heist Missions. (MPMaps and Cayo Perico toggle options can be found under "Teleporting>Other Teleports"). You DO NOT need the Open All Interiors mod!

Latest Scripthook

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Highly suggested mods to use alongside:

Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul

Score Controller (With this you can control the ingame music so you can play whatever track you like during a mission)

Heists Music Over Lowriders Music (With this you'll be able to play GTA Online Heists Music through Score Controller instead of the Lowriders Music. Features Apartment Heists, The Casino Heist and 2 Single Player Tracks.)

Don't Writhe! (With this NPCs will not go in a "bleeding out" status)

Installation steps are included in a readme text file with the mod.


-You don't need an actual VR headset to play this mod, obviously.

-Enable MPMaps before playing any of the missions or you'll load into nothing. You DO NOT need the Enable All Interiors mod, you only need MPMaps enabled. After thats enabled, the mission's triggers will do the rest. If you need to enable anything specific other than MPMaps such as Casino's Penthouse with All Rooms enabled, the Mission's Description will tell you!

-The VR Heists currently features 11 Heist Missions:

1. The Pacific Standard Bank. (Heist 1)
2. The Diamond Casino And Resort. (Heist 2)
3. The IAA Secret Facility. (Heist 3)
4. The FIB Building. (Heist 4)
5. El Rubio's Compound. (Heist 5)
6. The Technical (Heist 6 - Part 1)
7. Disruption (Heist 6 - Part 2)
8. The Penthouse (Heist 6 - Part 3)
9. Knight Rider (Heist 7 - Part 1) [NEW!]
10. Head Of Security (Heist 7 - Part 2) [NEW!]
11. Scarface (Heist 7 - Part 3) [NEW!]

-Every mission has been carefully balanced and playtested multiple times by 3 passionate GTA fans to ensure high quality aspects such as:

1. Weapons and Items are scattered around the interiors so players who explore and generally look around the building will be a lot better prepared for later sections of the Heist such as the getaway. Slow players are rewarded a lot more than fast and reckless players.

2. Enemies' strengths and weapons are identifiable by their outfit color. Every type is explained in the "First Time Tutorial".

3. Some Heist Missions feature multiple choices on the Getaway Vehicle, usually marked on the map.

4. Some Heist Missions allow you to complete certain sections in a Stealthy manner if you wish.

5. Lester's dialogue and Objective's text will provide valuable info on what the player should be doing. If you miss this dialogue or you're stuck, you can check the Brief Tab in the Pause Menu to read all the previous messages and objectives.

6. Avoid using Godmode, Infinite Ammo, Give All Weapons etc etc etc. Like I mentioned before, every enemy, every weapon / item collectable and every getaway vehicle has been tweaked and carefully placed to provide a fair and fun challenge. You'll only impact your own enjoyment if you play with Trainer options enabled. Although I do encourage players to spawn different Getaway Vehicles according to their preferences after they've tried out the intended vehicles for the Heist as this increases replayability even more.

-Some missions have Easter Eggs and plenty of references to GTA and other games.


-The Scarface Update 1.2
Removed the nudity during Heist 6 Part 1. The Topless Goon in the bathroom will now wear a bra.

-The Scarface Update 1.1
Corrected the Ghost Units' outfits during the Finale. The previous version was using a Beta outfit I accidentally left in and forgot to change.

Changed the Finale's time to Night.

-The Scarface Update.
Added a new 3-Missions Heist inspired by Scarface.

Added 2 new enemy types: The Sniper Unit & The Ghost Unit.

Lowered all of the Heist Missions' payouts to be better balanced.

Redesigned the Juggernaut's Mask.

Fixed an issue in Heist 6 - Part 3 where NPCs could go out of bounds when inside the Casino.

Small fixes to various Heist Missions.

-The Viper Update 1.1
Corrected a minor issue regarding a message box displaying the wrong name.

-The Viper Update.
Added a new 3-Missions Heist.

Removed "Variety Missions" in favor of creating Heists with multiple missions instead.

Fixed a typo in Heist 4 - The FIB Building.

Minor bug fixes.

Slightly improved the front cover image.

-The Cayo Perico Update.
Added a new big Heist in Cayo Perico.

Every Heist will now give you money! Pickup Objectives have been changed so you get a certain value of money after picking up a bag or wad of cash. Whats the point of heisting if you ain't getting paid after all.

Removed an Easter Egg from Variety 1 (Revolver) to prevent a funny but gamebreaking bug where the enemies would hilariously attack Agatha Baker and go out of bounds.

Various small bug fixes.

Added some Cayo Perico NPCs to the MissionMaker's Addonpeds.txt list.

Added Walkthrough Videos.

Initial Release.
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