Global Explorer: Planet Chimp v1.2


The "Global Explorer" modification introduces players to a more exciting world in GTA V in a variety of new ways. The game is already a living breathing world full of things to see and do. This mod takes the already immersive world and applies new content to make it even better. From simple world enhancements to chimps taking over GTA V new game modes and epic adventures await you on your journey through Global Explorer. Follow Updates!

Download And Install Latest ScripthookV
Download And Install Latest ScripthookV .NET
Download And Install Latest Map Editor (Guadmaz)
Download And Install Latest OpenIV

"PlanetChimp" Content:
v1.2 : Planet Chimp DLC (LIMITED TIME)
Info: Michael, Franklin, and Trevor have new enemies they are up against. The "Chimp Empire" has taken over SanAndreas. They now control the fate of mankind. Take down all of the Chimp Empire Bases. Then when your ready take down The Chimp God. Prepare as GTA V is about to go Chimp!
-Launch Of "PlanetChimp" Map
-Redesigned Chimp Textures
-Chimps Speak Various Languages
-Chimp AI Omega (Smart Chimps)
-Chimp Empire (Police,FIB,Army,BlackOps,Medic)
-Chimp Empire Vehicle Textures
-The Chimp God (Chimp Island)
-"5" Chimp Empire Bases To Takeover
-Lester's Secret Island Hideout
-Places Of Interest
-Random Events
-Secret Gold Idols Throughout Map
Planet Chimp Gameplay:
---Sandbox Mode (Tested)
Quality & Performance Info:
---Optimization Engine Encrypted
---Built & Optimized For High Settings
---Optimized High Performance
---Benchmark Tests: Consistent
---Far-Load Compatibility
NOTES: Any performance issues are likely related to ScripthookV .NET
-Install Instructions In Text Files

"Global5" Content:
v1.1 : PC Support + DLC
-Launch Of "Global5OE" Optimized Map
-Autoloading Map Support
-Support For All PC's
-Maximum Draw Distance Support
-Dynamic Programming:
---Maps,Props,NPC's Now Dynamic
-Safehouse Updates #1 (MFT)
-Road Commission Updates
-More Bigfoot Sightings
-NPC Updates #1
-Golden Peyote Easter Egg #2
---Find All 20 At Del Perro Pier
-Easter Egg Clues Folder Updated
-New Video v1.1
-New World Map + Locations
-Bug Fixes & Improvements
---Fix For Trevor's Helipad (Alternate Location)
---Stability Fixes
---Faster Load Times
---Maximum Map Entities Increased
---Benchmark Tests: Consistent
Delayed Updates: (Not Yet Needed)
-"Global5L" Map -Low Settings
-Low/High Settings Options
v1.0 : Launch
-Launch Of "Global5" Map
-LS Road Commission
-Safehouse Helipads (MFT)
-Easter Egg #1 (Bigfoot Hunting)
-Easter Egg Clues Folder
(Load "Global5" Map) -HighEnd PC
-Take The "AutoloadMaps" Folder And Place It In "scripts" Folder Inside GTA V Directory (This Will Autoload And Optimize The
-Take The "Global5.xml" and place it into your GTA V Directory
-Launch GTA V
-Press "F7" or "R3 + LB" To Launch Main Menu
-Scroll Down To "Load Map"
-Type In "Global5" To Load Map

v1.1 - PC Support Update: Released 9/24/15
v1.2 - Planet Chimp DLC: Released 10/3/15

Please be sure you do not have any other map mods installed with this mod other than the map editor tool mod as this may cause unprecedented performance issues.

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