Los Santos Airshow


Just put the XML file into your main GTA V folder and your good to go!!!!.

Los Santos has an Airshow. This is more of a showcase mod. I have added pedestrians taking photos and videos of aircraft and the M1 Abrams Tank. Pilots talking to pedestrians. Not to mention for extra realism i have added a flightline with speakers. On the strip you will also find food stalls. And also for the first time....The brand new Beluga aka the whale has been added which was released only yesterday. You will find the Beluga among the crowd. Not to mention the beautiful British Supermarine Spitfire which was developed in Southampton England. She was extremely important in the Battle of Britain defending Britain's skies. For Extra realism i have added 2x F-22 Raptors which are both heavily guarded by guards holding rifles since the Raptor needs to be watched at all times. For this mod to work you will need to the following aircraft.

C-17 and Osprey V-22 By Skylinegtrfreak (Same file)
F-15E By Skylinegtrfreak
F-16C By Skylinegtrfreak
F-22 Raptor By Skylinegtrfreak
M1 Abrams by Skylinegtrfreak
B1B By Skylinegtrfreak
Airbus A380 By Skylinegtrfreak
Dreamliner 787 By Skylinegtrfreak
MQ9 Reaper by Skylinegtrfreak
Beluga by Skylinegtrfreak (New)
Spitfire by Skylinegtrfreak
EMB195 by LiiightNub & CANAL EMBRAER
C-130 Hercules by skylinegtrfreak

Or you can simply add your own showcase!!!!!! Using your own Aircraft via Add on. Wait for the A400M to add to the showcase which is rumored to be released this week!. Keep checking Skylinegtrfreaks mods page!. :)

Please Subscribe and like my videos on my youtube channel. Would appreciate it! Videos uploaded Daily.

Next video will be the A400 or Beluga not sure yet.
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