Zodiac Island Temple Addon (YMAP/Map Editor/Map Builder) 1.1


This is the map used in our Updated Enhanced Fighting Animations Mod v3.0 & v6.0 Youtube video showcases!

This ancient temple was once a land of peace, but has sense been transformed into an arena of death. Now inhabited by these psycho monks, they are holding some major tournament here.

Monks once taught the importance of living in a world without anger. But a leader by the name of Zhi has taken over the island alongside a tournament master called Dr. Zhang from Hong Kong. Together, they have turned the monks against the idea of peace and made the island into a tournament luring unsuspected tourists into their twisted battles to the death. Will you survive the challenges that this island will put before you?

Map builder and it's requirements -

Map Editor -

My Zodiac Tournament Peds Pack Mod -

--------------------------------Recommended Mods-------------------------------------------------------------
My Update Enhanced Fighting Animations (UEFA) Free Version Mod -

My melee combat audio overhaul mod -

Heap adjuster -

Packfile limit adjuster -

--------------------------------Known issues/Bugs---------------------------------------------------------------
Please note that this map does include over 4,000 props so if you either have a low-end pc or an issue regarding memory for your GTA game. Then your gameconfig may inhibit you from using this map. Please install a gameconfig of your choosing from the gta-5 mods website that you feel will allow maps of this size to be used!

Sometimes the fightclub scripts will not load in the correct location and may spawn you in the main temple itself. So just be aware of this, all you have to do is either finish the fight or get disqualified by using a weapon. NEVER press E when you finish a match. It will spawn you in a random location around the temple. Simply just walk away from the fight club area.

Melee weapons may not spawn in peds hands. This is sometimes due to the number of props already spawned in the map, so the game has issues rendering the melee weapons in. So don't freak out, just simply fly away from the area or click to load a new map from the map editor and remove the temple peds in order to fix this issue. Spawn peds in to fight via a trainer you are using.

Crashes are possible since this map has so many props. I have not experienced any crashes personally from this map on my pc, but if you have a low-end pc or have a basic GTA game with no mods. Then be careful and install mods to prevent crashes.
Installation Instructions are included in the download archive.
OIV package installer provided for easy installation!

Feel free to join our growing discord community for any assistance with our mods or if you would like to showcase these locations and mods on a place for people to view it! We also would love to hear some ideas from you on what you would like to see as a future mod or any enhancements/changes to one of our current ones!

If you want to be able to use the attacks as shown in the video attached, come check out my Patron page! For a 1-dollar subscription you get the benefit of downloading our mod Updated Enhanced Fighting Animations v6.5! It is located in the link below, but completely your choice. No recurring subscription necessary and your contribution helps us create these awesome mods! :D

Change Log:

- Version 1.1:
- Added locations (Boxer arena, Initial Arena, Temple Entrance, Reptiles Theme, Temple Bridge, Crazy Zhi Temple, Wasteland Arena, & Helicopter Pad)
- Updated Temple to have full interior with different floors for each (Refer to video 6.0 UEFA attached to this mod to view the interior floors)
- Added more fight championship scripts for each location (Special thx to 5mith for the free script)!
- Ymap version & OIV installation provided!

- Version 1.0: initial release
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