Headlights++ 3.0


Realistic textures for vehicle headlights. Derived from vanilla textures, AI upscaled, and heavily edited. These headlight textures are the most realistic available for GTA V, with United States Department Of Transportation accurate dipped beam cutoff and color shifting where appropriate.

Also included are settings for use with QuantV 3.0. Use these settings to correct headlight angle as well as achieve realistic intensity and distance for all vehicles.

Apologies that installation isn't more simple, but I want to retain full compatibility with other graphics/texture mods. As such it will require some experience in manually installing mods. This mod page is not the place to seek help with that.

Using Windows File Explorer:
Copy Headlights++.asi to your Grand Theft Auto V directory. (The same directory as GTAV.exe)

Using OpenIV or Codewalker: Replace textures in "mods\update\update.rpf\x64\textures\graphics.ytd" with the .dds textures included in the pack.

For QuantV 3.0 Settings installation: Extract "mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\visualsettings.dat", then open in a text editor. You'll see a section that begins with "car.headlights.angle". Replace that section with the one in QuantVSettings.txt. Save the file. Import the file back into the previously mentioned location.

Known Bugs:
-NPC vehicle headlights pop in when approaching the view from the sides at a distance. If this is bothersome, simply remove the .asi script.

-Shadow Quality must be set to Very High in Graphics Settings, otherwise headlights will be aimed improperly.

-Original Release

-Added script to apply player light settings and shadow casting to NPC vehicles
-Name change to reflect the use of C++ script

-Fixed NPC vehicle headlights shining through roads/bridges
-Fixed NPC vehicle headlights popping in/out behind the player

Note: Some vehicles, especially motorcycles and DLC vehicles, have incorrect headlight angles. This is just the way Rockstar made them. They require modifying the model itself in order to fix. This is currently outside the scope of this mod, but I may look into fixing them in the future. Again, those affected vehicles are Rockstar's mistake.
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