Adjusted RM-10 Bombushka Weapons Configuration 1.0

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(1) This is my second mod. For this mod, it involves you commanding all three weapons of the
RM-10 Bombushka from the pilot seat. I have spend a couple of hours within in the files and configured what in my opinion, should the Bombushka is suppose to be like. Basically I buffed the Bombushka to become a true armored fortress and a menace in the sky to the unfortunate souls below you.

(2) The files that you see now in the folder contains what you need to place inside specific DLC
folders, and only these folders are what is not only going to buff the Bombushka itself, but
also change certain vehicles associated within these files.
-- These being the APC's main cannon, and missile battery, also the Hunter's machine gun
cannon as I cranked up their respective weaponry in order to give the buff the
Bombushka truly desires.

(3) I will also provide backup files to restore these specific files in a seperate folder, in case you want to revert the Bombushka and its associated vehicles used for the main weaponry back to normal.
Word of warning, The Hunter is a little overpowered with the slightly increased rate of fire for its rockets.
(If you decide to use the Hunter.)

(4) In order to apply these changes, you will need to do the following:
- Open up OpenIV.
- Go to your Mods Folder.
- Go to x64
- Go to DLCPacks
- Choose either "mpsmuggler" or "mpgunrunning".
( I recommend choosing "mpsmuggler" first. )
- Go to dlc.rpf, then choose "common", and then "data."

(5) Replace "explosion.meta" and "handling.meta" with the altered files first. Then go to the "ai" folder at the very top and you will be met with the files in which you can alter the vehicles' weaponry in their designated DLC.
Replace "vehicleweaponsbombushka.meta" and "vehicleweaponshunter.meta" with the provided files.

(6) Do the exact same but in "mpgunrunning" with the files provided.

( This was inspired by GhillieMaster's video on balancing the Bombushka, however ... he was so vague on where to make the changes within the files itself, making it hard so I took it upon myself to make the changes myself in my own way, with custom settings to the aircraft's firepower, visually, and soundlike. You will see what I mean when you try out the
improved Bombushka. )

Be mindful, use the farthest camera setting so you can use the REAR CANNON as well, since it wont operate when the camera is at it's closest or halfway setting.

I hope you enjoy the mod, and if you have any issues regarding this mod, please do ask me in the comments!
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