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Huge thanks to WGotch07 for providing last gen backgrounds. I dunno how he did it, but I appreciate it


Here's somethin I wanna post while I'm in between mods. It's just a small compilation of cell phone wallpapers that no one asked for, and may or may not be updated. The wallpapers are static and mostly low res, so yall got that to look forward to. We've got:

-Whiz (yall already know this thing from GTA IV. Again, not animated)
-SecuroServ (incase you missed the hours of grinding crates and cars)
-Black (cause who don't love a little black in they lives)
-Club (Luis's default from TBoGT, or TBoLL if you're feeling a bit insecure)
-Badger Classic (Niko's first phone+the phone the GTA IV MP Character uses)
-iFruit Classic (based off of the MP phone from last gen GTAO. I think it was Michael's phone on last gen too)

- Basically everything from last gen. I don't even remember half of these wallpapers. It really takes me back to 2013, back when single player actually received content. Those were the days. Anyway, I added a few of the names into the global.gtx2, but there are actually more wallpapers on last gen than the current one. Ain't that boutta bitch. So if you want any other backgrounds named in the selection menu, you'll have to do it yourself.

- Added a few more wallpapers. Some look great, some... Anyway, also added a new Whiz Wireless background that doesn't have the logo on it, the original one is still in the "Initial Release" folder. Credit to someone on this site for the Whiz wallpaper.

I also took the liberty to change the background names in the global.gxt2 file, just cause I'm nice guy. If you already have a modified global, then just go into the one I provided, search for "iFruit Classic," and you'll find the rest of the background name changes. If ya don't know what global.gxt2 is, don't even worry about it. It aint too necessary. (It'll be in the download file as global.oxt so that it can be edited. Thank you TrustNo1)

Also, they're more or less compatible with 13stewartc's Unbranded Phone mod.
Ight, that's about it. If you don't wanna replace a certain background, you can take the texture outta the .ytd and put it into the .ytd you don't mind replacing. But then you'll have to change the name of the wallpaper yourself in the global.oxt. Enjoy yall
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