Simcade Drive (Semi Realistic Driving) 1.05 Chop Shop Support



Simcade Drive is an vanilla driving overhaul mod.
This mod does not aim to be realistic but rather expand on vanilla.

Short description: It's like mixture of GTA 4 weighty feel with GTA 5 nimble driving.

Open distribution notice:
Anyone and everyone can use/modify and reupload this mod as they see fit.
The only condition is to give credit for original mod.

Mods were always about sharing and making it better. I get people asking for more versions but the amount of time and work needed is not possible anymore. Thus I want anyone to continue this as they see fit.

-Latest Chop Shop Gameconfig
-Packfile Limit Adjuster
Heap Adjuster

Kinds of vehicles that were changes so far:
Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Trailers, Quadbikes, APCs

Most major changes:
-Actual center of mass
Modification of center of mass made cars much more realistic on how they lean. Some vehicles with rather high center of mass can even rollover if pushed too hard. That is something vanilla was avoiding doe to gameplay design.
-Velocity multiplayer
No more magical forces.
Drag made more realistic as it now depend on power speed and aerodynamic of the vehicle.
-Readjusted braking and cornering
Now vehicles feel heavier but still be nimble. You can no longer take corners with heavy cars like its a GP car. Brakes will actually be some of use and in general driving will require a bit more skill.

-Many more small adjustment like: Gear shifting time, Traction overhaul for road and off road vehicles, reworked realistic suspension from force to damping, slightly adjusted damage, fixed bad handling and model flags.

Supported DLC's

2014.12.18 Festive Surprise
2015.12.21 Festive Surprise 2015 - Christmas Bonuses
2016.02.10 Be My Valentine Update
2016.07.12 Cunning Stunts
2019.07.23 The Diamond Casino & Resort
2020.08.11 Los Santos Summer Special
2021.07.20 Los Santos Tuners Update
2022.07.26 Criminal Enterprises
2022.12.13 Los Santos Drug Wars

2015.10.20 Lowriders Update
2015.06.10 Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1
2015.07.08 Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2
2016.12.13 Import/Export
2016.03.15 Lowriders: Custom Classics
2016.01.28 January 2016 Update
2017.08.29 Smuggler's Run
2017.03.14 Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit
2018.03.20 Southern SA Super Sport Series
2021.12.15 The Contract
2022.12.13 Los Santos Drug Wars

2015.03.10 Heists
2015.10.29 Halloween Surprise
2017.06.13 Gunrunning
2019.12.12 The Diamond Casino
2020.12.15 The Cayo Perico Heist

2016.06.07 Further Adventures in Finance & Felony
2018.12.11 Arena War
2022.04.26 Criminal Enterprises (No Models - Xbox & PlayStation Exclusive)

-Added OIV archive installer and redone file path to be at its specific DLC.
-Added OIV uninstaller.
-Added some of the missing "Southern SA Super Sport Series" DLC cars.
-Added another installer that uses single handling.meta file

2015.12.15 Executives and Other Criminals
2016.10.04 Bikers Update
2017.12.12 The Doomsday Heist
2018.07.24 After Hours
2023.12.12 The Chop Shop

2013.11.20 Beach Bum Update
2014.03.04 Business Update
2014.05.12 High Life Update
2014.06.17 "I'm Not a Hipster"
2014.08.02 Independence Day Special
2014.08.19 San Andreas Flight School
2023.06.13 San Andreas Mercenaries
-Added PEV DTAR Support

-Added PEV SALE Support
-Added RDE Support

Added "Semi Realistic Driving)" for better SEO

All DLC's on 1.0
(Optional release)
Support for
More damage Option 1.1
All Boats 1.2
All Planes & Helicopters 1.3
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