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Hello Again Fellow Officers:

Today I came across a request from someone to make some sort of a different police transportation bus model that maybe would be similiar to an actual swedish kriminalvården buss. Since GTA 5 already has a bus that is pretty close to it I decided to make it into a prision transport bus. The model is simply the "Coach" model from GTA 5 however I broke the model down and made a template for the bus so that you can change the paint and look to your desire. Along with this I also reskined the seats from a civilian looking bus seat fabric to the Police 3 Rear Seats to give more of that prison bus feel. I also added a police radio from the standard gta 5 police vehicle model to resemble the theme better rather than the coach CB radio inside of it. Also I added the bars across the side windows as well so prisoners couldn't escape out of one of the side windows ;) and finally I mapped the License plates to be SA Exempt plates rather than standard San Andreas Civilian plates.

-Vehicle is made for multi-livery however I'm not sure what I am doing wrong to not enable it. I am assuming I just missed a line in car varitations that has to be changed or in the vehicle.meta file.

-I'm no painter so the paint job isn't the best. However their is a template provided so someone can make a better looking one for everyone to enjoy!!!


-Vehicle Model made by Rockstar Games. Templated by Thero
-Vehicle Radio made by Rockstar Games.
-Window Cage Bars made by Rockstar Games.
-Seat Textures by Rockstar Games.
-Skin made by Shawky
Install vehicle files through OPENIV located:
(mods)/patchday3ng/dlc.rpf/X64/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf (Place all 4 files or vehicle won't work)

Place the following vehicle.meta file in this location

it work for FiveM
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