U.S. Forest Service Livery Pack 1.0

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The pack contains 4 vehicle liveries and EUP of the U.S. Forest Service. For the liveries I have placed on the Redtail (National Park Service) and Jacobmaate (NOOSE Multi-Agency Pack).

Original model:
  • Redtail (National Park Service)
  • Jacobmaate (NOOSE Multi-Agency Pack)

  • These are distributed 1 livery for the Declasse Alamo old (Fire), 2 liveries for the Vapid Scout (Law Enforcement and K9).

    To install is simple, just open the respective pack (Alamo: senalamo and Scout: noosesep4) and replace the textures according to the file.
    If you have any doubts about the installation there is a REDME in the folder.

    I am in progress of other upcoming livery for the pack.

    You can use the liveries on your servers/SP except for the remapping of them.
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