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Dimitri was born in Russia in 1969 and served in the Soviet Army during the Cold War, and at some point, in time, he befriended Mikhail Faustin. They later spent time in a Siberian prison together, where Mikhail protected Dimitri from being raped by the other inmates. They have matching tattoos on the palms of their hands, which means that they are "brothers" for life. They began their criminal activities in Russia, where they were both "selling hash to tourists in Red Square" and Dimitri was convicted of murder more than once.

In the mid-1990s, he "exploited a loophole in the US immigration treaty" to move to Liberty City, as did Mikhail. Mikhail moved with his wife and young daughter. Dimitri was arrested in 1998 and 2000 for extortion and hijacking, respectively. In following years, Mikhail's addictions to alcohol and cocaine caused his anger and paranoia to spiral out of control. Dimitri abused painkillers but remained calm. While Mikhail had taken to an extreme level of violence, even by organized crime standards, Dimitri favored reasoning with people to maximize profits (although he could still intimidate people, if necessary, as seen in "Do You Have Protection?"), telling Mikhail time and time again that they had to "play by the rules."


Dimitri was always a favorite antagonist of mine. Even though he is evil, and you begin to hate him the first time he betrays Niko, I have always found him to be an intriguing character of the GTA series. At least for me anyway, his story with Mikhail Faustin and his background that we begin to learn about through the intro portion of the game. All really sets the setting for how the games overall story plays out. Niko's story got way more chaotic and eventful as a result of Dimitri's betrayal and disloyalty, thus moving the story in a completely different direction from Niko's perspective of killing Faustin and thinking of settling down with Roman in Liberty City. Yes, Niko still wanted revenge on those who betrayed him in the war, however this was made much more difficult thanks to Dimitri's rules of the game.

This model conversion is the first of many story characters as I wish to port more from the world of GTA IV. Whether they be alive or dead characters, I just want to have the possibility of seeing them live in Los Santos for a change!

Installation instructions:

For Manual Installation, just follow the paths provided by the folder names and drag/drop the files into the openIV locations.

Install "addonpeds"

add the 4 files "ig_dimitri" to the addon peds pack.

follow this route: Grand Theft Auto V \ mods \ update \ x64 \ dlcpacks \ addonpeds \ dlc.rpf \ peds.rpf \
or you can also install it as a replace by renaming the ped to what you want!
Ex: changing the name "ig_dimitri" to "ig_barry" and replacing that model.

The pedprops I am not certain can be included in the addonpeds mod dlcpack itself, but you can include these two files in this location:

mods - x64e.rpf - models - cdimages - pedprops.rpf

For more help please follow our discord from the link below through the assistance tab please!

If you ever wish to uninstall this mod, then simply follow the folder paths provided from the "Vanilla files for uninstall". Note that these files will be reverted back to vanilla and can conflict your mods if they use them.

Known Issues:

No GTA V blood effects for his head, upper body, and hands due to material issues.

As always if anyone has any tips or tricks for fixing these issues, I am always up for learning something new! Just let me know in the comments section on how to better these models for you all!

Addon Ped Helpers:

Packfile limit adjuster is used for addonpeds, if your experiencing crashes then please install this and heapadjuster:

Helpful Links:

Our Discord Community for questions/concerns/ideas:

Patreon Link (Come support us!):

I hope you all like this addonped, I am really glad that I could actually convert him after all these years! I did not expect him to turn out as good as he did, not to toot my own horn, but my new knowledge in ped editing is getting better and better as I have learned more about how the facial animations work. Plus, the help from people in our discord server who have provided tips and tricks to make model editing work a whole lot better for me and my methods!

Feel free to use the assets from this mod to give clothes to mp characters or story peds if you like! Any model related thing I upload on this site you can use for your own creations! Just be sure to credit me when making your own stuff, because it's difficult to convert models into GTA 5. A lot of trial, error, and times was put into it lol.


v1.1 - Updated the model for a better installation, and updated the model's materials to fix dark issues related to illumination (i.e. his tie from version 1.0).

v1.0 - Initial release
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