Veteran Jacket for Trevor 1.1 (Revised)


You gotta admit, Trevor always dressed like a bum, but for some reason, Rockstar opted to give Franklin & Michael these veteran jackets, but not Trevor. I decided to port it, fits him better than most of his other clothes, given that he was actually in the Canadian Air Force (albeit for a short time). Hell, it didn't even fit Franklin at all! If you want to replace another outfit, just say so in the comments.

TL;DR actually fitting jacket for Trevor that replaces unused firefighter outfit. Bonus is Franklin's baggy jeans (they look awesome on Trevor) and Niko's boots (Replaces weird unused rank decal). Includes backup.

Bearded Trevor screenshots by Jax765.

-With OpenIV.asi, head to x64v.rpf
-Find player_two.rpf inside streamed_players.rpf
-Replace files
-You are all set, wear the uniform with a trainer.

Alternate Textures (Until .ymt editing is possible, you are gonna have to overwrite the one here):

(1.1 Revised) - Uploaded the wrong fucking file. Redownload.
(1.1) - Added the airborne emblem to the jacket. Credit to vmars for finding the location, thanks dude.
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