Uptown Riders and Scenario [Add-On] 2.5v



The Uptown Riders are finally here in LS!


Hey yall. I wanted another sports biker ped in the game since the Lost MC got like a million dudes. Now since I'm absolute dogshit at model, texture, and .ymt editing, you might see a few familiar components. Absolute transparency over here. It's just the tennis ped with his top models swapped with the old sports biker's jacket and the GTA IV Albanian Biker jacket (thanks to theNGclan). The pants and shoes are ripped off of some Triads model, the glasses are from Dom, and I'm pretty sure yall know where the helmets are from. I gave these peds Franklin's special ability (seemed fitting for what they're meant to be) which you can use via the Character Swap mod. Textures are decent enough, and of course simple to modify if so desired. To use this you'll need an add-on ped dlc folder or something like that. Pretty sure I'm using this here, but the Addon Ped Script should work fine. Otherwise, that's really it. Should anyone else that likes the concept feel the need to drop a better mod, please do. Enjoy yall


1.0v - Here we are with a subpar update to my subpar attempt at adding the Uptown Riders. I've added more pre-existing ped models to the mix, now based on Johnny Guns' goons from the Contract (the Contract update not required). There's some noticeable clipping involving the bomber jacket, hair with head components and funnily enough the vanilla t-shirt. I mean I didn't even touch that shirt and it's clipping into other vanilla components. That's Rockstar yall, gotta love em. I will definitely update this specific ped within the month in hopes of working around some in-house issues I've been having with models bugging out or textures not rendering properly. Give it some time cause loading GTA on a laptop takes a tiny bit of a long time.

All ped functions from the first ped works (voices, Franklin's ability, etc.) Lemme know if yall find anythin game breaking. Shoutsout to Liberty-gamer1247 for his Malc Jacket mod, miss that guy's mods. Enjoy again


2.0v - I've thrown in a scenario entry where these peds can spawn. The Uptown Riders' clubhouse was in the inner Algonquin area, so I thought La Mesa would be a great fit. Plenty of straights for their drag bikes to roll right? It's mostly already present peds just reworked to spawn these peds instead. Vehicles included. I've included the la_mesa.ymt and east_los_santos.ymt for the vanilla GTA 5 alongside a la_mesa.ymt that is compatible with Alex106's Scenario Groups mod.

I've also put in the ambientpedsmodelsets.meta file needed for the riders to spawn. The specific entries are included in case you've already modded your .meta (although the edits are at the very top of the modesets file, but whateva). The same applies for the vehiclemodelsets.meta entries. Of course, scenario spawns are fickle. Don't teleport right into the heart of the spawn, almost nothing will show up. Drive away, give it a few seconds, and blam. I will say tho, THESE SCENARIOS HAVE NOT AND WILL NOT BE TESTED BY ME! Should any game breaking bugs occur, lemme know and I'll do my best to fix em. I've already had this scenario in my game, but it's been heavily edited to accommodate my equally heavily modded GTA. So testing them, as professional and decent of a thing to do, is just out of my concern. Enjoy


2.5v - Replaced the baggy jeans from the original GTAO with the Lowriders jogging shorts. Didn't feel the need to have two pairs of jeans, and having straight up shorts while riding 1300cc bikes seems like something the Uptown Riders would do.
Swapped out the Lowriders running shoes with GTAO work boots. Wanted to swap em out with Franklin's boots, but clipping was present. It wasn't a lot, but it was just enough to where I'd have to edit the model to fix it. And Jesus fuck I was tired. Anyway, boots, cause deadass 🅱. Please enjoy

Hopefully in the next update I'll have found a way to have add-on peds spawn naturally on vehicles. The vehicles.meta method doesn't seem to be doin it, so I'm still digging around.
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