The Walking Dead - Rick Grimes [Ped Model] 7.0


Hi, this is the Rick Grimes mod!

Want to help me continue making these mods? Donating is the best way because $4.50 buys zmodeler3 for 1 month and that would help me continue making these mods for you all!, and remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel and help it grown :)

I modelled & textured this myself.

I made Rick Grimes because he is my favourite character from the walking dead, this one is based off the season 6 Rick from the season finally and season 7.

- 6 Outfits: (More Coming in the future!)
Brown Jacket
Shirt (Yellow)
Shirt (Black)
Grey Shirt (Season 7)
Sheriffs outfit
- Fully Rigged
- Full facial animations
- Facial hair options (Beard, Shorter beard, Clean shaved)

- New clothing items obtained using a trainer.
- Improved polygons (now at 7500 Vertex)
- Improved face and smoothed it out A LOT
- Completely redone textures
- Improved face model shape etc.
- Added more squinting xD
- Redone hair
- Higher poly face
- Higher resolution textures
- Add and updated clothes
- Added actual hair
- Lots of new ways to customise Rick
- Added facial hair options beard, less beard and no beard
- Added scraped content (sheriffs outfit)
- Added gun holster
- 4K textures for the face
- Added bump and specular maps which improves the face quality a lot!
- Custom YDD clothing
- Updated face model to make it look more like Rick Grimes :D
- Completely remade the mod
- Added season 7 outfit
- Completely remade the face again from scratch
- Remade jacket
- Remade shirts
- Remade T-Shirt
- Also remade trousers
- Added new polygon beard
- Done a complete retexture and model edits to the face (Added hand drawn pores to skin diffuse and normal maps)
- Retextured shirt and made default outfit
- added new polygon beard whihc is shorter length which is equiped by default
- Added wind effects to hair, shirt, jacket and trousers
- Added polygon curls to the hair
- Added new shorter hair variant
- Added no beard option
- Added sheriffs outfit
- Added watch
- Fixed some misc bugs

- Using OpenIV go to this directory (Grand Theft Auto V\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_mp.rpf\)
- Then delete the contents of mp_m_famdd_01 (ones already in game)
- Then drag and drop the contents of mp_m_famdd_01 (the one that came with the mod) into the folder you just deleted the files from
- Then in the streamedpeds_mp.rpf drag and the .ymt file and the .yft file

- Install using meth0ds instructions

How to use:
Using a trainer change your model to 'mp_m_famdd_01' and then press Numpad 7 and you are you ready to go!


Use the PedSelecter to find it (Addon method)

- ScripthookV
- Openiv.asi

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