U.S. Special Forces (SOF) 1.4.0

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U.S. Special Forces
Currently in Version 1.4.0

This is a quick ped I made representing U.S. Special Forces. There is two peds included in the download. SOF 1 has the following: OCP, UCP, DCU. SOF 2 has the following: Forest MARPAT, Desert MARPAT, Woodland. I have not put any specific unit patches on the models for release, however, feel free to put your own on.

Original ped:
Original camouflage:

Update version 1.1.0
-Added experimental SOF

Update version 1.2.0
-Overhaul of uniforms
-Added OCP variants
-Added UCP variants
-Added MARPAT variants

Update version 1.3.0
-Added second ped
-Added Desert MARPAT variants
-Added Tan variants
-Fixed tan vest
-Added OD green helmet
-Added OD green vest
-Removed experimental peds (no longer available)

Update version 1.4.0
-Removed Tan variants
-Removed OD green helmet
-Removed OD green vest
-Added DCU variants
-Overhauled Woodland variants
-Moved Woodland variants to SOF #2 and moved DCU variants to SOF #1
-Added Desert MARPAT vest
-Added new tan helmet (Woodland)
-Added new tan vest (DCU)
-Added new tan vest (Woodland)
-Added new tan vest (Forest MARPAT)
-Added darker boots (Woodland & Forest MARPAT)
-Added darker holster

This file was created by Flavor Town. You are not allowed to redistribute this ped solely without permission. You are allowed to modify it and re-upload the modifications if your heart desires. Please be sure to give credits to my account with the original link. Failure of this will make the permission invalid and the upload will be flagged.
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