Active bodyguards enemies 1.1.2



Mod Features:
-Spawn unlimited bodyguards/enemies
-Very configurable bodyguards
-Very configurable enemies
-You can set when headshot is activated
-More orders for your bodyguards
-Aim orders for your bodyguards
-Bodyguards can use cars and helicopters
-Taxi by car and helicopter
-Support for add-on peds
-You can select the available weapons
-Save config

Press T to open mod Menu, use create option for configure and spawn bodyguard or aggressor.
Press E into a vehicle to order at bodyguards get in with you.
Press left ctl + mousewheel to select the aim order.
Aim and click on mouseWheel to execute the order.
You can use orders to set the behaviorof yours bodyguards, there are orders in pasive mode and combat mode.
you can add peds in the file active_bodyguards_conf.xml file for use them.

Extract the file active_bodyguards_v1.1.dll and active_bodyguards_conf.xml and move it into you "scripts" folder in the path where you have installed the game.
Example: C:/Program Files/Grand Theft Auto V/scripts/

Previus Requirements
-ScriptHookVDotNet v2.10.9
-NativeUI v1.7
-ScriptHookV v1.0.1604

Version 1.1.1
Some fixes, little changes.
-Enable/disable markers
-Enemy spawn distance

Version 1.1
In this version I had add new orders and abilities for bodyguards, principality more orders and use of vehicles;
especially there are two types of orders, attacking mode when the bodyguards always attack at enemies, and the
pasive mode when the bodygards ignore all enemies and only excecute the order.

I've been focused on bodyguards because my goal is to create my self version of bodyguards squad (my favorite mod)
but in the future i want to make two mods, one only for bodyguards and another one only for enemies.

Version 1.0
In this mod you can spawn unlimited* bodyguards or enemies than you can personalized healt, armor, resistence, weapons, range, acuracy, shooting type and more. ¡You can spawn very
resistant enemies that only want kill you! also your bodyguards can change their behavior for attack, stand and follow,
They can get in your vehicle and resist headshoots (if you want).

This is my first mod but, I think add more features and new functions in later versions.
I hope that this mod be liked. Enjoy it.

version 1.1.2
-Fix enter vehicle command
-Fix crazy driver

*Really you can not spawn unlimited peds, it depends on your hardware; If you spawn excessive peds for you hardware your game will crashed.
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