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Before commenting non constructive criticism or rating lowly, this mod is still in development. Please bare that in mind, and new updates will come soon.

Ever wanted to start up a meth business like in Breaking Bad? Well now you can!

Go to the laboratory at Liquor Ace to access your meth business.

From there you can cook new batches, arrange deals and stock up on supplies for manufacture.

Please comment new ideas and bugs! I'll try/fix add what I can.

New in 1.1:
- Bug fixes!
- Added lab location customization (currently, you can change coords in the settings file)

New in 1.0:
- Skipped straight to 1.0 because this is a big update
- Rewrote a huge chunk of the mod code
- Added a menu to manage meth business at lab site
- You can now cook as much as you want and store it at your laboratory until you arrange deals to sell it
- Sell meth in bulk
- Lots of new features to make this mod more immersive
- Options to change meth value and more in settings file


Put the files in your scripts folder to install this mod. Just check your map for the location(s) of your meth lab and customers (appear once you've cooked the meth).

Make sure you've got these mods installed:


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