Player Companion 9.0 (SHVDN3 Patch)




Player Companion is an expanded version of Hunk's Buddy Control, re-written from scratch, the mod allows you to have a bodyguard/friend/girlfriend in GTAV, hangout with your Companion to unlock new activities

with a high enough reputation you will unlock new activities, Yoga, Arm Wresling, Private Dance and much more, when not on a date or hanging out with your Companion you can find your companion in their house (or in yours if you have the option unlocked), if you want access to their house you will have to increase your relationship with your Companion, but dont worry you can call the Player Companion Contact in your ingame phone to organise a date.

you will have 3 stats which will affect what activities you can do
Relationship : Relationship is the first stat it will mainly control everything, unlocking events and interactions, will gradually increase overtime, but will slowly increase while wanted.

Combat : Combat is the second, this one will increase when your companion engages someone in combat, it also controls how much health your companion has, it increases more while wanted.

Adrenaline : Adrenaline is the last stat, it increases while doing dangerous activities, such as driving fast, drifting, hitting jumps etc.

to make a ped your companion walk up to them and you should be prompted to make that ped your companion, the mod also has over 30 Preset outfits for MP male and MP female that spawn in the world, for your choice of making one of them your companion!

Drag the conents of the Player Companion Zip to scripts folder, if you dont have a scripts folder create one
Install Scripthookv and Scripthookvdotnet, and change ReloadKey=Insert in scripthookvdotnet.ini
Install LemonUI for SHVDN2 in scirpts (Drag the contents of SHVDN2 folder into scripts, PDB and DLL)
intall Enable All Interiors and ONCE IN GAME, Hit Insert to Force MP maps to load

1.0 (5mods Release)
Added ability to allow Companion to stay over

fixed hair not being reset
Companion now wanders away if no nearby road is detected when pressing F11 to end date

better controller support
fixed bugs

fixed more bugs
added ability to apply/save tattos for MP peds
added advanced Face options
added 15 new house locations

fixed missing USEPHONETOSELECTNEWCOMPANION in Data.ini, you can either download 1.3.1 or add it this 'USEPHONETOSELECTNEWCOMPANION = false ' to data.ini (without quotes)

customizable keys
fixes to clothing menu

bug fixes to not being able to recruit a companion when NOT in combat
additions to show first time load message, will now detect ReloadKey, can also be turned on and off via data.ini, Warn_User_To_Press_ReloadKey set to 0 for off, set to 1 for on, SCRIPT WILL AUTO ADD VARIABLE TO YOUR DATA.ini, no need to replace Data.ini
fixes to how long you have to pickup your companion, now you will have 10 minutes, 30 seconds to pickup your companion
added a clock to show how long you have to pickup companion from house/event

fixed first time load message not popping up

added Cayo Perico Heist from Cayo Perico Heist mod
` Partner can do Setup 1 - 5 and Finale, Partner will be counted as AI1/Ai A
` Partner can grab valuables
8 player Poker
` fixed AI not being able to raise the bet
added Yacht from Galaxy Super yacht mod
` added Sex Scene Position on Yacht
` Partner can now use Jacuzzi on Yacht
` rearranged menus on Yacht so a minor bug is removed
` added 8 Player Poker Table to Yacht
` Removed Business menu from Yacht
` Player Can customize look of your Yacht via the bridge menu on yacht
` added Private Dance to chairs in Second bedroom on Yacht First floor
` added Pole Dance to Private Dance Locations
` added an option to save and load last clothes that your partner has worn

Fixed a bug where the player could spawn at the players position when not on a date, when getting near yacht
Overhauled Partners Weapons, added support for new weapons & Camos, fixed weapons not being able to be removed
added Tattoos from the Contract Update
added ability to toggle circler markers when selecting a ped as a companion
Added the Diamond Casino Heist v2.0 updated for this mod + Arcadehub.dll for TBMP 3.0.5
- Reorganised Start Menu
- added Priotize Loot Option to make Ai Better at looting, Ai will grab the next Available loot, that is closes to them
- Fixed multiple small issues
fixed bugs with the Cayo Perico Heist
- Companion not looting
- Companion not appearing in Cutscenes
- Reorganised Start Menu
Added new options for saving a new ouffit with what Companion is already waring
- Added option to save last worn 'Preset Outfit'
- Added 2154 Outfits from Ultimate Outfit Pack Menyoo
- added 28 Existing preset oufits from Preset Special Peds
Reorganised Phone Menu
- added Settings, Data Options, Select New House, Select New Companion Sub Menus to Phone Menu
Removed all references to Partner *** Repalce your Data.ini ***
added all High End Appartments
- 1 - 2 Sex Positions
- 3 - 4 Seat Positions
- 1 Strip Position
- new Waredrobe Position for Editing Companion Clothes
- New Heist Start Position for starting Diamond Casino Heist (High End Appts and Suite Houses Only), also used to start Cayo Perico Heist as well
Date & Hospital Pickup timers
- added new variable to change how long you have to pickup your Companion, these are in Minutes, values range from 0.5 to 999
next event timer
- added new variable to change how the time between Event calls, these are in Minutes, values range from 0.5 to 999
- added the Fleeca Heist (redesigned from the Payday Heists) - also added Circuit breaker hack + removed drill and replaced with cash grab
- added the Pacific Standard Heist (redesigned from the Payday Heists)
- added the Paleto Bank heist (redesigned from the Payday Heists)
- added the La Fluenta Blanca Heist (Martin Madrazo's House Heist)
- redesigned Diamond Casino Heist
Diamond Casino Heist Changes
- Added Staff Exit and Enterance
- changed random valuables to always mixed
- added Safety deposit boxes
- added ability to disable metal detectors by shooting circuit box
- added ability to take elevator to, Vault, Loading bay, Offices, and Hotel, requires hack to unlock each elevator
- added multiple pathfinding variations
- Improved Combat Ability
- Improved getting into players vehicle, Companion will now try to get into passenger seat at all costs, if that fails they will get into any free seat
- Fixed some issues with Weapons Menu
- Fixed issues with change outfit menu not showing camera
- added Companion walkstyles
fixed Loot box not appearing when companion steals loot from crate
fixed Companion not shooting at peds when in Vehicle
Fixed Companon not being appartment when not on a data and no events are active
fixed a crash relating towards not being able to seperate data set from ini
Companion can now play a animation or Scenario when not doing anything (Can be toggled from menu)
Stopped flickering of UI
added useable Bong, Wine, Whiskey, Green Juice, TV, Radio in Companions Apartment
Preset Outfits used from Ultimate Outfit Pack of Menyoo in Player Companion
Credit to abstractmode for recreating these outfits from GTA Online
added Shooting Range Minigame
added Union Depository Heist
added Biker Clubhouse Heist
added options for disabling Companion firing weapons from vehicle and companion going into Cover
added better pathfinding (auto enabled) for when Companions path to player is blocked by wall, Companion will now try to climb over the wall!
redesigned Talking Menu
added option to start any heists from Talking Menu, in Roleplay options
added option to equip and deequip a mask on demand in Roleplay options
modified companion combat to be better
Fixed no help display poping up when close to an event/loot, when companion was too far away
fixed not being able to exit Interaction menu by pressing U
Added Los Santos Drug wars weapons & tattoos
added ability to disable Interaction UI
added ability to silence the interaction UI
fixed issues with Appartment Strip Scene

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 9.0 (SHVDN3 Patch) (current)

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 8.1 (Humaine Labs Heist)

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27. červen 2023

 8.0.1 (Fixed Missing Heists folder)

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05. červen 2023

 8.0 (Multiple Companion Update)

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 6.1 (MP3 Weapons & Tattoos)

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27. prosinec 2022

 6.0 (Union Depository Heist)

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21. listopad 2022

 5.4.1 (Fix Script crash on Sitting on Log)

5.689 stažení , 6,4 MB
28. září 2022

 5.4 (Companion Apt Update)

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05. září 2022

 5.3 (Sorted Tattos Menu, Bugfixes)

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08. srpen 2022

 5.2 (Idle Animations and Scenarios)

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22. červenec 2022


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 5.1 (FIX Cayo Perico Setup 1)

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 5.0 (Heists Update)

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01. červen 2022

 4.0 (High End Appts & Much More)

7.889 stažení , 2,6 MB
03. březen 2022

 3.1 (toggle ped select cicles)

2.896 stažení , 1,4 MB
06. únor 2022

 3.0 (Partner Weapons Rework)

2.521 stažení , 1,4 MB
22. leden 2022

 2.2.2 (Fix no AI in Compound-Setup 1 of Cayo Perico Heist)

2.586 stažení , 7,1 MB
02. leden 2022

 2.2 (Cayo Perico Fix, Yacht Door Fix)

200 stažení , 7,2 MB
01. leden 2022

 2.1 (Fix Bug with Yacht)

1.953 stažení , 1,4 MB
21. prosinec 2021

 2.0 (Yacht, Cayo Perico Heist & More)

2.636 stažení , 1,4 MB
05. prosinec 2021


4.631 stažení , 1,1 MB
18. říjen 2021

 1.4.2 (Bug Fixes)

1.236 stažení , 1,1 MB
11. říjen 2021

 1.4.1 (Bug Fixes)

157 stažení , 1,1 MB
11. říjen 2021

 1.4 (Changable Keys)

880 stažení , 1,1 MB
08. říjen 2021

 1.3.1 (Tattoos, Adv Face Data, Bugfixes)

2.213 stažení , 1,1 MB
28. září 2021

 1.3 (Tattoos, Adv Face Data, Bugfixes)

486 stažení , 1,1 MB
28. září 2021

 1.2 (Controller Support, Bugfix)

2.161 stažení , 1,0 MB
22. září 2021


1.064 stažení , 1,0 MB
20. září 2021


1.452 stažení , 1,0 MB
19. září 2021

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