SinglePlayerApartment with Offices 2.0 (beta)

charackthe, I'm Not MentaL


Development of bunker garages is started. After they are done, uploaded and stabilized nightclub garage development will start.
For bug reports or feature requests:

1. I'mNotMentaL's SinglePlayerApartment, download it and then override SinglePlayerApartments with Offices on it.
2. I'mNotMentaL's Benny's Mod, garage menus won't work without it also you can use the mod shop with this.

2.0 (beta)
-Added an assistant activator which gets you to the F6 menu.
-Added extra helicopter drop off locations. (office roofs)
-Introduced a new mechanic which will detect if you are in an office and deliver your vehicles accordingly.
-Performance should be improved more.
NOTE: I put this version together in a rush for you guys, if you find anything wrong let me know. If I missed something new from the update also please let me know.
A little issue about the office roof drop-offs, if you don't own the office you can't get to your delivered chopper. Something I was unable to think of while coding and it just hit me. I will add a function to check if you own the office or not before just dropping off. (this might not happen either I really don't remember what I did)

-Added various entrances to the offices.
-Fixed a car falling over in Maze Bank.
-Moved some options from the exit menu to a computer menu accessed from the CEO computer in the office.
-Hopefully improved performance. Let me know if anything changed.
-Left a little hint about what might be coming in the next update.

-Added the last office.
-Added mod shops. (Currently not able to change floor design. If you want to mod your vehicles install ImNotMentaL's Benny's mod.)
-Added option to turn off office props for a cleaner interior.
-Office props and money now increase in amount as the player's money increases.
-Added the last office to SPATool.
-Added prop toggles to SPATool.

-Added the other two garages for the offices.
-Added text where it should've been.
-Fixed a bug that caused vehicles to teleport outside immediately.
-Added SPATool support to offices.
-Added a button to get the car out of the garage. (Since office garages are really narrow I scratched my car all the time!)
-Changed the way cars are stored in the office garages. Now there are three extra folders inside respective office garage folders, you have to move your vehicle files from the original folder to one of those folders if you want to keep your cars.

Don't forget to report any weird behavior you encounter.

What do I want to do?
-Look into the nightclubs.
-Look into bunkers. (I think they're really cool.)

A Little Note: SinglePlayerApartment mod as the name suggests, is only for GTA Online apartments getting replicated in SP, therefore, if I add anything new such as nightclubs, bunkers etc. they will be mainly for vehicle storage. The features in GTA Online might not be replicated exactly the way they are but the vehicle storing function will always be there. (P.S I also don't know enough coding to add those things from GTA Online.)

DISCLAIMER: I have permission from ImNotMentaL to upload the modified SinglePlayerApartment.dll, all credit goes to him since he owns the base code and the only thing I've done is to add proper info to the proper boxes.

IMPORTANT: Before doing anything with this mod you have to download I'm Not MentaL's SinglePlayerApartment mod and install it. Since the source of this code relies on upon ImNotMentaL's code you need to do this before anything else.
Download I'mNotMentaL's Benny's mod so you can mod your vehicles also I found out that the garage menus won't work without Benny's Mod.

Known Bugs:
- Can't save with phone while in the offices.

Rockstar Games – Great Game
Alexander Blade – Script Hook V
Crosire – Script Hook V Dot Net
ImNotMentaL – SinglePlayerApartment Mod
ImNotMentaL – Benny's Original Motorworks
Guadmaz – Native UI
TylerEspo – AnimationV
CamxxCore – iFruitAddOn
@lukas10 – Bug Reports
@vixtergames – The Vixtergames Fix
@gongel – Polish translation and English text. (
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