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This mod was originally created by the GTA5-Mods user called "rootcause". He did most of the work, so kudos to him. I just added a couple extra menus to it because I thought they'd come in handy.

Link to the original mod:

If you find any bugs, put it on me, I take the blame. Oh and please report them in the comment section if you get some time on your hands.

This is my first mod, I'd never done any programming before.

What is this?
  • It's a very small yet beautiful and powerful trainer, which resembles the
    original Interaction Menu.

Why install this?
  • Hate mods with ugly UI? Well, this one has a nice, minimalist design.
  • You can change outfits on the go.
  • Switch between your favorite outfits at almost any given moment.
  • You don't wish to install big and complicated trainers.
  • Hate the fact that your car always ends up looking like a wreck due to
    crashing into things? Fear no more!

Current Version

Change Log


  • Place "spoutfit_config.ini" and "SPOutfits.dll" into your GTA V "scripts"
    folder. If such folder does not exist, create one.
  • Place the content of "my personal outfits" folder into "scripts" folder.
    This is optional. You should only do this if you like my outfits that I
    already saved. Watch the featured video if you're interested.

  • Open menu by pressing "O" key while in-game.
  • Delete an outfit from the "Saved Outfits" list by pressing delete key.
  • Use the up, down, left and right arrow keys to navigate.
  • Use enter key to toggle options on/off.
  • Or use the mouse - not recommended as it's laggy and slow.
  • You can configure some keys in "spoutfit_config.ini" file.

  • Never Wanted (get rid of five 'o)
  • Invincibility (god mode)
  • Add Money To Balance (adds +$10 000 with a minute cooldown)
  • Wardrobe (view, select and wear your saved outfits)
  • Save Outfit (walk up to the wardrobe, dress up, save, repeat)
  • Collision & Bullet Proof Vehicles By Default (i.e. headlights won't break and there won't be any visible deformations on your vehicle when you crash into things although it can still be destroyed)

Important Information
  • You can only use the 'Wardrobe' and 'Save Outfit' features while playing as one of the three main protagonists.
  • "Wardrobe" and "Save Outfit" options can only be used on foot.
  • If you toggle any of these options on and then switch to another character
    the options will still work and remain toggled on!
  • This mod only works as intended while playing as either Michael, Franklin
    or Trevor.

Known Bugs
  • If you talk tackle a cop while 'Never Wanted' is enabled, they might shoot you or try to kill you. However, you won't gain wanted level and they'll usually stop shooting after a few bullets.
    I'll try to fix this but I don't know what causes it yet.

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