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    @Johnny362000 Look I really cbf discussing this further. Earlier you made claims that it was FiveM friendly. the effort it took to get the config correct to me, tells me that is false. Does it work with FiveM? Sure it does.
    Is it "Friendly"? Id say not. (Compatible? Sure)

    19. červenec 2019
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    @Johnny362000 Its not as you have to fiddle around with the vehicle.meta and setup the sounds to work. Although its not as hard as it looked, Its still not simple without the instructions either.

    Took me a good couple of hours to figure out why the vehicle crashed clients when attempting to enter the vehicle. Turns out its something to do with the vehiclelayout.

    As for the audio, there is very little documentation out there on how to get a vehicles sound files to work when they come with the car.

    To each there own, mods real good once its working. But for sure need some clearer instructions. (Not trying to be critical or anything, just would prefer If I don't have to spend so much time finding out why it wasn't working "out of the box" essentially)

    16. červenec 2019
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    @Johnny362000 Mods definitely not a straight forward conversion like the rest of the cars on GTA V mods. But if you do have a solution id be happy to hear it

    01. červenec 2019