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    @razera none, it's vanilla, high settings

    03. květen 2024
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    Like your Countach, there is no dirtmap (UVmap in 2 channel) on glass, so there is zero cracks on it
    Strips around windshield and rear glass are attached to glass, so they disappear when glass is damaged (Detach them from glass, so they won't disappear, but attach interior mirror to glass so it will disappear when glass is damaged)
    There is wrong texture inside air intake in right side
    Bumpers mesh clips through front lights
    No mesh under bumper (Make mesh under it or just throw away bumper_f name from it and bumper_f [COL], so it won't detach, also u don't change bumpers pivot point, on Countach its attached to middle and wobbles around it, same with Ford GT)
    Emissive on bumper aren't attached to bumper, so they have chance stay in air, if bumper was detached without breaking them
    Some textures doesn't have mipmaps, while they have structure in them or grain, so at little distance from them, they starts to look not that good. (Turn signal grains too much, and same with radiator and mesh infront of it, but both of them have mipmaps, i think its just because texture on radiator is a bit small)
    Also i would try using green carbon spec on taillights glass and colored glass (Turn signal/side marker lights) instead of white, cuz white spec on colored glass (Or if there is color under transparent glass) washes out they color.

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    02. květen 2024
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    @sj storm then maybe fix it? lol, like i said there is no problem in Vstancer, it only shows main problem - Car isn't centered by you.

    19. prosinec 2023
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    @sj storm and i don't think so at all, problem isn't in Vstancer, your entire car isn't centred in zmodeler.

    17. prosinec 2023
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    @Staff93krd >Dazu, like u already said, main problem of his models isn't textures, it's main execution in every single aspect. Personally i'm fixing every single car which i download by myself, cuz they all have something, what i don't like, or u can't use them like they are made. (Huge YTD)

    21. listopad 2023
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    @2010prado another excuse to bad/not that great execution? If paid model has 30MB YTD, 2k textures and all in RGB, and even bugs in models - You just stimulate more and more bad execution from authors.

    18. listopad 2023
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    >P.S. if you lose textures in the game, then buy a more powerful computer
    Don't say such excuses to badly optimised YTD.
    >you don’t know why green or purple or some other colored spots appear?
    What sentence even make u think so, lol.
    >These spots appear due to the fact that the .png file (texture) is added in DXT5 compression and in the game you get green spots or other shades. But if you add a .png file (texture) in A8R8G8B8 compression, then you won’t have any spots.
    Read what i already told, you literally didn't get main point what i was saying.
    >The problem with spots will not disappear even if the DXT5 texture is recompressed into A8R8G8B8.
    Why u telling me what i already said to you?
    >The problem is solved by replacing the desired texture in the A8R8G8B8 compression.
    Again, read what i told already, u didn't get main point what exactly made texture bad, even they was RGB.
    >Yes, it increases the size of the .ytd file, but it's worth it.
    Yeah, yeah, i get it, texture loss is fun too. And 15-30 mb YTD is fun too.
    >It's better to drive a quality car than such crap.
    Yeah, sure better drive on car, which has RGB on texture interior, which already was compressed, cuz it was DXT5 in first place and RGB didn't change anything, besides increasing its weight in 4 times.
    Why u even bring as argument just bad car model with bad textures. Your "argument" doesn't deny main issues about topic we speaking here.

    04. listopad 2023
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    @ElioMinati u still should redo them, if they were DXT5, cuz like i said - Just making DXT5, compressed texture into RGB - Won't fix it, cuz it's already compressed.
    DXT5 into RGB - It still has compression from DXT5 (Green pixels) and x4 size of RGB

    Original texture, which was RGB -

    And if you "fix" DXT5 compression and make it RGB

    How exactly u can fix compression issue:

    03. listopad 2023
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    Now think what will happen, if YTD on most of vehicles will be in general 10-30 mb.
    On screenshot you can see ~4-8 mb.

    A bit more cars, and even worse results.

    03. listopad 2023
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    @Staff93krd if someone does this, it doesn't mean its a good decision. Just take a few his cars, spawn them and get texture and LoD decrease.
    With normal textures, not 10-30 mb of ytd - You can spawn a lot cars and nothing will happen with textures and LoD
    But if you have that 10-30 mb ytd cars, you will get texture loss after a small amount of such cars. Amount of cars depends on how bad is YTD (YTD has more weight - Sooner and quicker u will get textures and LoD issue)

    >regarding the addition of textures, where do you see that I wrote that existing textures need to be replanted???
    U said he needs to use RGB, so texture won't be so bad, problem is - He may already have compressed textures, so changing them to RGB - Won't help. U must fix them, and only then make them RGB.

    03. listopad 2023