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    They certainly seem to perform better in many areas! They still suffer on certain roads, especially downhill or on tight uphill corners, such as at the Tongva or Vinewood Hills (i.e. the last downhill corner on Marlowe Dr. and the last corner on Mt. Vinewood Dr. towards south, most of Mt. Haan Dr.(although they are certainly better there!), and the super tight S curve on Burham). On the other hand, in general they move faster, corner noticeably better, and are usually much better at coming back from mistakes! Personally though, I prefer playing with mistakes off still.
    Sadly the weird glitch where you finish an open track much earlier than you should still seems to persist, and I think it may scale with the grid size, as I managed to finish a track even earlier with a 19 grid than an 11 grid (the thing you suggested was correct, I just didn't realize it no longer live-updates), as it now happend from ~5-600 meters away. I've also observed AI randomly thrown in the air for no apparent reason (usually the chrome Zentorno), and at La Puerta, on the highway, come to a complete stop just before the area where you can turn in.

    04. červenec 2020
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    I tried out the new update, and I'm not really too impressed. The custom grid count doesn't seem to work, and just forces it to an 11 AI limit when racing, rather than what I have it set to. They seem to move a bit better, but in many areas are still rather bad, and it might be that the new mistakes mechanic causes most of this. They now seem to crash at points they never would before, and still take many lines the exact same horrible way, other than a select few that they are notably better at. They still don't treat the given course as the line to follow and stay on, but rather a vague guideline on where to go, especially with changes in elevation, which still makes them go flying in the air, and if I wanted that, I'd see if the old Street Races mod is fixable. A big glitch I'm having though, is that open courses are ending WAY before they're supposed to, on every non-circuit I tested, the end was registered up to 400m of driving before the actual end. Circuits still seem to work as intended, though.
    I do like the new UI changes, however. The addition of lap counters for everyone is something I've wanted since I first downloaded this mod, and the lap timer and scrolling track selector is also a welcome change, and the timer would be good for solo time attacks if the grid counter still worked.
    As for a few new features I would like to see, a basic control menu for features like tuning and mistakes, like what Street Races had, would be helpful, and a better starting menu for starting races so inputting various options would be easier and more concise than the current setup where things such as the tags and reverse track feature are either hidden or hard to find.
    I hope this can help the development of the mod, as I loved the old Street Races mod, but have moved over to this as it's much better, but this could still be so much better.

    26. červen 2020
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    I like a lot of the changes, but some of these cars have just been ruined in my eyes. I'll only talk about the cars that I use the most, to be fair.
    Phoenix 455 RS: This is amazing. It feels a lot like what I'd think a classic late 70's muscle car to feel like.
    Coquette: Also quite well done, if a little too oversteer-y.
    Futo GT Hatch: It feels like a worse Futo now. It oversteers far too much, feels slower, less controllable, etc.
    Sultan S: I guess it's okay.
    Vincent: What. The. FUCK. It's slower than a sloth, understeers more than a caricature of an R32 GT-R, and feels terrible.
    Sentinel SG4: Oversteer. Okay, it's notable more controllable than the Futo GT when sliding, but it slides way more.
    Stratum Sedan: I like it quite a bit, honestly.
    But, I'd rather not just complain without giving a suggestion as to fixing it. The Futo is supposed to be the GT variant, so I think it should be much more grippy, like the original, where the best way to get it to loosen up is to pull the handbrake, and it should be much more controllable when it starts sliding. For the Vincent, at least make it understeer less, and maybe a little faster. For the SG4, just tone down the oversteer a little.

    01. srpen 2019
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    The overall pack is very good, and well made. The models, with some exceptions, look well made, and blend in with the game. And the handling by Eddlm adds a whole new layer to how great they feel. The small touch of making the Thunder a Muscle class so it can wheelie is a great addition. And making Hellenbach a sort of parallel to Shelby makes sense in terms of the lore. But, other than the Hellenbach, which I can argue still has very little customization, the vehicles lack any customization. Only the Hellenbach has liveries, and visual mods. The Hellenbach also has up to Stage 3 Nitrous, but it either doesn't work, or is incompatible with Realistic Nitro, and doesn't add canisters to the car. The model of the Hellenbach's front needs some refining, and the CR250 is too high quality to blend in. P.S. For a livery for the Thunder, I'd recommend one based off of the Ford F-150 SVT Lightning driven by Brian (Paul Walker) in the original Fast and Furious.

    21. červenec 2019
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    Why is the Hellenbach badged as a Dominator? Are you going for a trim sort of thing where the Hellenbach is a high trim level, synonymous with the GT-500 trim of the Mustang?

    19. červenec 2019
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    NVM, installed something incorrectly, wish I could delete comments.

    29. květen 2019
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    When will there be another update? This doesn't appear to be working with my version (latest) of ScriptHookV. If I could get an older build of SCV, I'd be content with that as well.

    28. květen 2019
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    @Ailur Annis doubles as Mazda. Annis produces the ZR-380 (350Z/370Z), and by extension produced the ZR-350 (RX-7 FD3S), they made the Pinnacle (GTA 4) (Maxima), the Savestra (RX-3), and the RE-7B (787B).

    22. březen 2019
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    Um, the graphics are messed up for me, like, in the same way cars with new liveries after an update are fucked up. I also can't seem to access the liveries at all.

    22. březen 2019
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    Gauntlet Hellhound
    Gresley Hellhound SUV

    20. březen 2019