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    @Slash_Alex @Civilized Mayhem
    is there a way to make no pes have helmets ?

    16. listopad 2019
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    @Treyson27 >is there a way to make no ped have helmets ?

    16. listopad 2019
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    the best trainer !
    can we set an addon peds driver enemy for insted of random attacking driver ?
    if not , it would be verry cool to spawn specific peds minions with the keyboard.

    i know you can chose the weapons and vehicules (even add-on) of those attacking peds , but would like too chose the peds too !

    16. listopad 2019
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    nice script !!

    IM looking for a script taht would give parachute to all npc peds and keep their weapons

    16. listopad 2019
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    is there a way to make sticky bomb stick to peaople ?

    12. listopad 2019
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    * in menyo objects and vehicules have animation and timed invisable options too *
    but i dont want to use menyoo haha

    09. listopad 2019
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    Infinit thanx for Health on peds !!! i was asking for that !
    for me its adding alot to the fun

    would be cool if you add armor and more points tho ,
    to make boss peds or vehiculs very hard to beat

    I have one last dream for this script
    ..but its harder than make the ped stronger , faster and adding 30 000 life points and armor to a ped ..

    -- in menyoo when you creat an event, you can make peds perform animations in a list of special effects
    and you can make the ped invisable for a programed time
    it make you able to make the ped look like its teleporting in or out the fight (or other cool effects like blood burst ,for gore) it would help making action movie and sci-fi scenarios.

    This would help to creat action movie/sci-fi/super heroes missions
    i would have no life anymore haha

    09. listopad 2019
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    my addonped was fine today :(
    I added some scripts , and now the menu dont show anymore ,
    but the script seems to be working cuz peds can spawn in ironman V and other heroes scripts

    can someone help me ? :(

    09. listopad 2019
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    i think the mk2 weapons and the compact launcher dont work too :(

    08. listopad 2019
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    verry nice , we need more stuff like that !
    but where the red and blue pappers explosion come from ? im trying to remoove it

    07. listopad 2019