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    @JayMontana36 what folder or where do i put these lua files in ReloadScripts.lua,Keys.lua,GUI.lua,CreateCacheSimpleForFunction.lua,CreateCacheSimple.lua,ReloadScriptsTrigger.lua,IsDisabledControlReleased.lua,GetPlayerPed.lua,GetHashKey.lua,GetEntityPlayerIsFreeAimingAt.lua,GetEntityModel.lua,GetDistanceBetweenCoords.lua,1A_Player.lua,0A_Natives-1663590538.lua if you can please tell me what folder or where to put these's files i listed above it would be a great help

    12. listopad 2022
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    @HKH191 i was looking though your discord and i cannot find or locate the section where your patch updates are for this mod would you be able to link me to where i can get and download an updated patch for this so i can updated in my scripts folder woulde greatly appreciate it

    09. listopad 2022