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    @Kevin56436 Update. (Quick recap) I use the Ger_roads and have nve installed. Since installing nve the helipad and marine carpark, which is located south west of the city, had incorrect textures. At the helipad they were almost complete black roads and the marine side, all road were purple)

    To fix the issue, I had to remove the "vb_38 texture files" from the ger_roads dlc (within openiv, "Mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\GerRoad_Mod\dlc.rpf\x64\textures.rpf\" There are 3 file to be removed).

    *note.Removing the same texture files but from within nve dlc, the textures remained broken.
    This should help anyone else with the same issue. Thankyou

    10. leden 2024
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    Hi. I use the Ger roads for lspdfr. (Would prefer British) I also use nve. Works excellent, apart from one place one the south west of the map, at the small boat docking and helicopter pad near the beach. At that place the road textures are purple. Is there a fix for it your end. Tried nve help. Thankyou

    26. červen 2023
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    Vest 6 - setup 1 - size 1

    20. červen 2022