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    No bumper, spoiler, skirt tuning but have engine, brakes, transmission, etc tuning...Tried changing ID in carcols and carvariations but doesnt work
    Fix it pls, this is my favorite car

    08. červenec 2017
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    Nice mod bro, great work...but i found this one problem
    Most of the time when i attach car to slot 9 (slot 1-8 already attached, with attaching order 1 2 3 and so on), slot 1 car dissapears but the car name is still on 'Attach/detach vehicle' menu. Then if i attach car to slot 10, slot 2 dissapears and so on
    Yes, i attach add-on car and never tried with standard car
    Is this a bug? or is it something else? thanks if u can solve this problem

    08. únor 2017