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  • Lester

    Great mod, but it doesnt work, I get memory error while loading this model. Also scale of the in game model is a bit too big, compared to gta standards, hope to see update soon

    03. leden 2023
  • Lester

    @BEModsV Yep, agree, those are large vans, however I think the model is a bit too big, maybe only in width, beacuse t6 is almost 2m high, anyways, looking forward to see updates, thanks again

    22. červen 2022
  • Lester

    great mod, it has few problems:
    - wheel align is wrong, each wheel has different align, the correct one however is rear left, thats how t6 in real life has wheels aligned, a bit more narrow
    - model size is a bit too big, it should be scaled down to match other gta v vehicles (look on pony or speedo vans)
    Overall great mod, thanks

    21. červen 2022
  • Lester

    Hi, great car, very detailed, correct size, and lights are superb. However I tested it a bit, and found couple issues:
    - plate size is way to small, it should be a full size like on other gta v vehicles
    - when you tint windows, front lamp glass is also tinted
    - there is no rear plate light
    5 stars overall. Thank you for your great work.

    29. květen 2022
  • Lester

    Hey, great car, great work, attention to details is amazing. One complain is the size, car is too big for gta standards, if you can scale down it a bit, it would be great! Thanks for your amazing work.

    16. duben 2022
  • Lester

    Car scale is too big, standard gta cars are smaller, so please fix it.

    07. červen 2019
  • Lester

    Amazing work, best X class out there.
    Its possible to make aftermarket wheels a bit smaller? They are not fitting very well.

    29. květen 2019
  • Lester

    Yep, another great car model, your work is definitely one of the best around here, i can only wish you will make more mods like this. 10/10 Amazing work!

    23. květen 2019
  • Lester

    Car is too big, please scale it down to gta cars size

    13. květen 2019
  • Lester

    @Lil Slim C Yeah, well pointed, that car is a mess, like 80% mods here, but anyway, everyone pretends that this is best mod ever, and puts lovely comments under every shit done car. I mean, releasing a car with no indicators, wrong lights, totally screwed xyz points so handling feels like shit, even if you edit it yourself is still screwed because of that points being wrongly placed, next thing: wrong size, car is much bigger, but thats problem of all modders, not many of them keeps GTA car sizes, specially police cars are oversized, when you are driving police mondeo you fell like you are massive dodge ram 3500 with higher suspension, anyway, modding scene is totaly screwed, and really only few modders keeps their quality on top. Unfortunately this car is mess, and thats the true.

    30. duben 2019