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    Huh, i solved it by renaming both the dds and ytd name from 000 to lowr_diff_004. Hadn't tried it out

    16. srpen 2021
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    I found an bug where the first leg were invisible. Messes around OpenIV and found out that lowr_000 yft and ytd had labeled it's internal assets and embedded texture as lowr_004

    The other 3 lower part is fine, preview is fine too as im able to preview it using OpenIV

    And no, i don't have and can afford Zmodeler so if it's possible, renaming the internal assets should do the trick i think. CMIIW

    16. srpen 2021
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    idk if this help and you might know about it already but it might help in the future. Great mod btw

    In SP and MP to replenish standard ammo you can use Max Ammo from trainer menu, or normally from ammunation or player menu (MP) to replenish the ammo of all types of weapon (pistol, smg, etc)

    But to replenish special munition, you need to use full ammo on said weapon only (Menyoo > Weapon > Modify this weapon > Fill ammo). And in MP, replenishing special munition can only be done in weapon workshop that are available only to some facilities (MOC, Terrorbyte, Avengers, Kosatka)

    16. srpen 2021
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    The dispatch.meta is a mess, dear op pls use Tab instead of space. Get your formating right

    It's not
    *one tab*<vehicles>
    Keep the end and start at the same column

    Sort the directory to prevent most crashes

    15. srpen 2021
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    if still crash, change the limit in the CWeaponInfoBlob Adjuster.ini from 200 to 256 (Recommended), 512 (Not recommended), or 1024 (Not recommended). The higher the number, the heavier it get to load

    14. srpen 2021
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    @juniorpeke True, especially BO2 stuff like Stealth Chopper

    28. březen 2021
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    Found a bug. Basically p_head_000 (monocle) models uses the p_head_002 (skull) texture. while the skull helmet is normal

    Tinkered a bit by switching both texture, (monocle texture is now p_head_002) fixed the first problem. But now the skull helmet is using the monocle texture. Anyway, great mod

    26. březen 2021
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    @TitanAngeles NO, LA billboard only changes billboard texture. And I don't think there should be any problem on using LA Architecture either as that mod only changes the Model and Texture.

    This mod will add & remove object from the map, not change the Model and Texture of said object.
    Also nice work Alex

    23. březen 2021