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  • Gtao61

    @SuleMareVientu Its a vanilla game mechanic, if the tires skid too much, they'll eventually catch on fire from it. They burst afterwards lol. It's usually from excessive handbraking, locking up the back tires too much.

    před 7 dny
  • Gtao61

    @SuleMareVientu Lovely jubly, however there's an issue I forgot to mention before, for some reason it seems that this mod changes the threshold for tires catching fire from excessive skidding, but it always seems to be the rear left tire that catches first, and this ignites the fuel tank instantly, which pretty much negates the whole point of the engine damage options. Any chance you could add an option to disable tires from catching on fire, this seems like the simplest fix for this, and a general quality of gameplay thing.

    před 9 dny
  • Gtao61
  • Gtao61

    @andre500 just realized I had put the mod in the game folder. I put it in the scripts folder and the game now crashes right after the loading screen finishes. These are the debug entries in the log file. No errors it seems, and yes i do have the chop shop game build so that shouldn't be the issue.
    [01:44:52] [DEBUG] Loading assembly Entrance Trains.dll ...
    [01:44:52] [INFO] Found 1 script(s) in Entrance Trains.dll resolved to API 3.6.0.
    [01:44:54] [DEBUG] Instantiating script EntranceTrains.EntranceTrains ...
    [01:44:54] [INFO] Started script EntranceTrains.EntranceTrains.

    05. duben 2024
  • Gtao61

    For some reason this script doesnt seem to work for me, ive installed the train.xml file and the dll is loaded but the train still has vanilla behavior. Shooting the driver does nothing, standing in front of the train does nothing either, tring to enter it doesnt work either. 🤷‍♂️

    04. duben 2024
  • Gtao61

    Lovely, but I actually just discovered a new issue, when the wheel closest to the fuel tank catches on fire, or the tank is exposed to fire it can drop below 700 and ignite, and car explodes as a result. You've also left the engine health debug enabled lol (bottom-middle of the screen), forgot to thank you for the cherry on top with the DisableRecording option, didn't think i needed that till now XD

    Also a few more suggestions you could consider for future updates:
    MaterialBasedSpeedLimit = false or true

    02. únor 2024
  • Gtao61

    Also, would it be possible to unlock the vehicle speed limit through your current patching method? There are other mods that do this but as soon as you respawn the vehicle, the limit reapplies. Not sure if it would require memory patching to fix that issue. Zolika Menu was the only one to bypass this issue.

    02. únor 2024
  • Gtao61

    Amazing, thank you for considering my suggestion! However, there is a caveat with the implementation. I can see that you're setting the engine health to 5 when it drops to 0 with DisableEngineFire, but the problem here is actually reaching 0 in the first place, when it does it triggers fuel tank catastrophic health degradation, resulting in the tank igniting and exploding at -1000 health. This is why I suggested the additional safeguard parameter, preferably allow it to be set by us because it depends on the vehicles damage settings whether it can break the safeguard before your able to apply addition health, or just set to 100 (This is usually good enough because the engine will still smoke and have sporadic torque unlike DisableEngineSmoke, assuming your able to properly apply the addition health to stop it from dropping below safeguard).

    02. únor 2024
  • Gtao61

    Omg, YES! Finally, a mod that restricts fuel tank health from dropping below 700 casing impact explosions. Been waiting for a standalone mod like this to be available for SP; however, I would like to see an option like "DisableCatastroficEngineFailure", paired with a parameter: "EngineHealthSafeguard = ###" which is used to keep engine health from dropping below the set safeguard, mainly to stop it from dropping into the negatives causing the fuel tank to ignite and the vehicle to explode. This mod would be absolutely perfect with this addition.

    28. leden 2024
  • Gtao61

    This DLC does not work, because you must include all the necessary files in the DLC itself. handling.meta specifically otherwise the game will crash upon spawning the vehicle. You've also defined carcols and carvariations in content.xml despite them not being present in the DLC, this also leads to a crash. If you want to use the default oppressor files, you have to replace the original model, which is what this mod seems to really be.

    19. leden 2024