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    @Spectronics It doesn't replace scripthook, and it is just a drag and drop. Go to and download the latest version. Once you download it the .rar archive, simply open it and place all the files into the root GTA V folder(same folder you put scripthook in). I can't guarantee that this will fix the issue, but it's one of the only add-ons I have that allow this to run. I'm on the rockstar version, and not Epic or Steam, just fyi.

    18. leden 2021
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    @Spectronics Read my previous reply in these comments. I have the rockstar version with the latest Cayo Perico mod, and it works fine for me.

    16. leden 2021
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    @Spectronics It still works for me. I'm currently using this mod after the Cayo Perico update.

    My game is the Rockstar version, not Steam/Epic. I have the update Gameconfig/Heap Adjuster files, and use Rage Hook. I can confirm it still works as intended with the latest update. I'd suggest anyone who isn't using the latest Gameconfig mod and Rage Hook to give them a try.

    15. leden 2021