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    I doubt it for 2 reasons.
    Reason 1: No one has Ripped the 3d models just yet.
    Reason 2: Even if they got their hands on the models, the issue with them is that they have too many textures..
    like lets say (Legs, Forearms, upperarms, armor, techsuit, helmet, visor, head attachments, leg attachments, wrist attachments).. and GTA is pretty much limited when it comes to having too many textures. You cant just rename and use multiple textures..
    you always have to use those stupid (Uppr, Lowr, Hair, Head) texture names..

    29. prosinec 2021
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    If you doing Machinimas feel free to add those videos in here. I gave everyone the right to upload videos.
    Wanna give the downloader the feeling to be a part of the mod.

    19. prosinec 2021
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    LOL the helmet is a part of the model. This is not a player model, its an Add-On Skin.
    Which means if u remove the helmet, he will be like the pumpkin-head myth walking without a head xD

    15. prosinec 2021
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    Lol glad you can enjoy them! God bless and have a great time!

    15. prosinec 2021
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    @Stormztay the Halo 3 ODST are done. Made a suprise for you. Hope you like them! Oops.. did i say them? i kinda spoiled it :P

    14. prosinec 2021
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    I will work on it God willing. I will upload it within a week.

    12. prosinec 2021
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    If you mean as in (changing Franklins, Trevors or Michaels clothes / replace them with halo 3d models..)
    I can do that, and that was my next goal.
    But to be honest i was hoping to get my hands to the new halo infinite 3d models.
    Because then i can do the following:
    Every hat of Franklin for example, i can replace with a helmet and every mask that franklin has, i can replace with a armor attachment for the halo helmet and so on..
    Would make it amazing that the player can customise his own spartan rather than me making my own presets

    07. prosinec 2021
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    Looks beautiful!
    I can help you get Hunk's eyes glowing in the dark. :D
    if you like to, hit me up! Other than that, i give u 5 stars!

    29. listopad 2021
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    I know i said i will stop modding GTA V, but i had a lot of free time on my hands, therefore I wanted to share something with the community, that i personally love, hoping you like it too!! ♥

    22. listopad 2021
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    I am no longer working on GTA V mods. Sorry to those who expect fixes.
    As GTA keeps progressing with small updates.. i cant keep on track with all those minor updates.
    I even uninstalled GTA V myself.
    I am focusing on another game to Mod, one that has more Value.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    02. říjen 2021