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  • Gtao62
  • Gtao62

    The arm removed but not completely it remover just from above elbow.

    ok if you like i can do it but on players that may case some error or bad effects i have to remove knee and lower leg bones for that and that may Franklin can not walk with just upper leg bone i have to test it.
    why you got susspicion about me?
    I do not enjoy to amputate any ones arm or leg . my wife is an amputee woman and i love her very much and i can not have feel sexually to a 3d model girl
    I am ok . but what does this words mean ? i think every one is okey even with different manner and taste.

    02. duben 2018
  • Gtao62

    @krashadam @RumblerV @macadamstreet @messi3194 @macadamstreet @Hades v Rekoilz @dionys19
    thanks for your comments

    02. duben 2018
  • Gtao62

    @GTCinema @Pr0trikk @RODEBLUR @satyr @TheCatWizard @Pr0trikk @HeySlickThatsMe
    Hi every one
    This is my first mod if it is not good enough i am sorry . i make this mod for my wife . she loose her left arm when she was 10 years old . i make that for her birth day in 1 April to make her happy.
    because her favorite game is Gta. and i think if she see a person like her in her favorite game and when she find out who did that i can see her smile again .
    at the end my wife encourage me to upload that to this site
    but some of your comments is not good and Causing her birthday to ruin
    in real life we have many problems with people's feedback when we go to restaurant or any other public place another people ask me to go or look at us badly but why ? she is beautiful kind and i love her to much but i am sad because i cant doing anything Against some peoples feedback about her.

    02. duben 2018