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  • Cf091c mmfm

    @Biggdogg is there any other thing I need to know before trying to re-upload any packs? Figure I ask since I’ve complied and changed stuff so many times and it just seems like it’s one thing changing or coming up out of nowhere… kind of getting ridiculous. I’ll comply with this, and then something else will pop out of nowhere.

    Not anywhere was this told beforehand of when it got denied the first time. Only came up when I re-uploaded everything that was asked from a different moderator, which they didn’t mention one thing about this “overflow”. If they had mentioned that beforehand, a lot more time could’ve been saved on my end.

    02. prosinec 2023
  • Cf091c mmfm

    @DgtlBrandxn Updated both ESB and GSF ones. Confused, mainly because I've seen so many pages on here where they don't have any directions and or any compatibility with singleplayer.

    01. prosinec 2023