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    Added A Video I Recorded For Some More In-Depth Details And Where You Spawn Once Loading XML File.

    02. červenec 2023
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    You Need Meth0ds Add-on Peds For It To Work.
    Then Follow A Youtube Tutorial If You're Stuck.

    01. červenec 2023
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    @Executable Thanks For Correcting Me! I'm Crazy About The S.C.P Universe As-well lol. Yeah, The S.C.P Foundation Will Use Fake Name's To Go Undercover When Deployed Into An Operation With Mass Amounts Of Civilians And Transporting Items / Objects. Or Scouting A Group Of Interests Base (Area Of Operations I Suppose). If You Want Me To, I Could Try To Make Something Such As The United Nations Global Occult Coalition Or A Camp Site Based Of The Chaos Insurgency!

    02. duben 2023
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    @Bogus-King Ok Mate, Thanks For The Notice!

    21. březen 2023
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    @Bogus-King No. Sadly. I Had Re-Installed My Grand Theft Auto 5 So I Had A Clean Library To Work Of Off. Even Installing the Mod On It's Own With The Requirements Doesn't Work. I Tried Altering Some Stuff In The Requriements, Thinking Something Was Off, But Even If I Had Configured The Required Game.Config And Other File's, It Didn't Work. Sorry Mate. If I (Or Hopefully Someone Else) Fixes It, I'll Let You Know!

    20. březen 2023
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    Damn Dude, How Is Your Menyoo ASI Not Crashing?
    i Can't Pace Down More Than 470 Because Mine's Will Crash. Lol

    14. březen 2023
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    I Copy And Paste My Current Grand Theft Auto File's Into A Seperate Folder So If Some Stuff Crash My Game, I Copy And Paste The Ones I Just Copied and pasted back Into The Root Folder.

    12. březen 2023
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    Thank You. I Was Confused Because It Was Just "dlcpacks:/NOOSEpack/ "

    12. březen 2023
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    See The " dlcpacks:/NOOSEpack/ " Do I Need To Put It In As It Is? Or Do I Need To Do " </Item>dlcpacks:/NOOSEpack/</Item> " ?

    10. březen 2023
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    So, By "Take All Of Your Money". Do They Take Like The 2.1 Billion Pounds / Dollars Away?

    09. březen 2023