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    @Italexis Hello. To uninstall the software, open your control panel, enter program and features and search for the program. If that doesn't help, you can delete the folder. I hope, this is, what you were asking about. :)

    11. září 2022
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    @Italexis Hello, thank you for your comment. Please join my discord server to contact me. Then we could try to see, why it happens. My Discord is in my profile here. :)

    12. srpen 2022
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    Hello @MrGTAmodsgerman ,
    on my profile you should be able to find my discord. Discord is a better place to talk about that.
    Please send me a message there, thank you.

    15. duben 2022
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    @Swed1431 I made a video, you can take a look at it. The program works. I can't promise, that it is, what you are looking for, but it do exactly that, what I wrote into the description. Feel free to try it out :D

    19. listopad 2021
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    @Tacto No. When I uploaded the file, this site checked it and no virus. But the main thing: I wrote the code and I would know if there would be a virus. It is 100% no virus

    13. září 2021