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    @WisraelRX Hi, I followed the instruction! This isn't my first gun mod which replace either the Special rifle or Special Carbine I know that the directrory is the gunrunning dlc still the situation is the same. I even copied the orginal files from the update folder to make sure that there is no leftover files which would conflict with your mod. Still...nothing.
    Maybe its just my case but I'll looking foward if someone else has this same issue.

    22. únor 2024
  • 961c0c 24

    I installed according to the instruction but the mod does not work. Even both the mesh and the textures are don't show up in game! :(

    21. únor 2024
  • 961c0c 24

    Windows blocked the download due to virus hazard?! Anyone else has the same issue?

    17. únor 2024
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    Really atmospheric serpentine road driving I had. Amazing how nice and relaxing this thing looks. Although I have a problem. Namely when I try to enter left from the main road to the church area. The game simply crash and quit. No error message or whatsoever. :(

    07. únor 2024
  • 961c0c 24

    I must say this is an amazing work! Hats down W!

    06. únor 2024
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    Awesome work mate! I'm a Toyota fan, but there are so many half baked mod out there. Yours certainly a well made stuff. Please let me know if you ever made a Toyota Hilux Invincible with lot of addons and TRD stuff.The only one is made by Dazu it's nice but didn't have any addons unfortunately! As a snorkel, hard top back compartment, and some extra off road lights would be nice to have!
    Anyway 10/10

    26. leden 2024
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    @Anker1991 No problem dude. I wish you nice GTA gaming! And although I enjoy military themed mods this game is much more relaxing if you just driving around in your favourite civilian car and having that 2010's Los Angeles experience.
    @dmebel05 @RunCS Thank you guys!

    22. leden 2024
  • 961c0c 24

    Those honeycomb pattern walls looks super awesome. To bad that I'm not good at map building, I would make a dual green/gold colored pattern from those in some rooms. :D

    21. leden 2024
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    @Anker1991 Please stop this nonesense. Skyline is a modder and I think its safe to say he is politically neutral!!! If you would put your hatred aside for second you could see he most probably made this as an enemy vehicle for his Gepard AA for photoshots and roleplay in FiveM servers. But ARMA also has a more complex "Kamikaze" drone mod. But I haven't seen comment like yours there...
    But it's bit hypocrite that you have problem with Russians using drones, yet tainting the image of drones started so much earlier. Ever heard that Afghan and Pakistani people have serious PTSD's because of the many Predator and Reaper drones strikes in that region, which killed hundred if not thousand of civilians! But the recent use of makeshift FPV drones also has tragic effect on human lives on both Ukranian and Russian side, as people tend to forget that every coin has two sides!

    21. leden 2024
  • 961c0c 24

    Nice I wish someone start porting this squad's stuff yet again as MP addons. The Holsters, boots, would be so awesome to see!

    20. leden 2024