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    Could I add you for help on some future projects of mine? If so, my discord is Darius#1745

    18. srpen 2017
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    Hey guys, I know I've been a way for awhile, and that the mod hasn't been updated, I'm currently working on an update as the time this comment was posted.

    My reason for not really continuing the development of this mod was because I've had surgery on both of my feet and that has limited my movement and my accessibility to things such as my computer.
    I'll be back working on it and releasing much more things as I work on C#.

    As mentioned somewhere through the release of this mod: I'm still fairly new to C# and my experience is no where near some of the mods out today. Basically, I'm shit and I'm still learning as a rookie.

    Anyways, hope you guys have enjoyed what is here now and I'm certain you'll like the other mods I SHOULD.. be creating.

    If you guys would like to get in touch with me through skype to ask how the progress is going or you'd like to talk about the mod then my skype is: makeusayffs

    26. říjen 2015
  • B10c2b veracrypt

    @Erasmo omens? What o.o

    If you change the bodyguard limit to higher than 6 then the ones over 6 will still follow you but may not react well to the 6 other bodyguards who actually are trying to protect you (meaning, they'll most likely shoot the others)

    Spawning a lot of bodyguards for example 100 may crash your game, depending on what type of computer you have and how much it can handle.

    25. září 2015
  • B10c2b veracrypt

    awesomeeeeeeee :D

    what do you have planned in the next update?

    12. září 2015
  • B10c2b veracrypt
  • B10c2b veracrypt

    Thanks for making this.

    Been looking everywhere for a 4k version.

    08. září 2015
  • B10c2b veracrypt

    Awesome ^^ Having the snowy cruiser spawn naturally isn't really a good idea since the background of that car is for north yankton and everything ;p

    Everything else is spot on! Good job.

    08. září 2015
  • B10c2b veracrypt

    @AnIdioticMonkey I actually managed to get that working but I'm having some issues at the moment ;p

    The update might be really late.

    05. září 2015
  • B10c2b veracrypt

    @FantA丨Rayn I am not sure about that ;p

    I will have a search around though ^^

    The next update is going to include a lot of cars and they will be smooth and clean instead of being one big mess ;p

    And I've added a ped spawning option to spawn some peds into the game.

    04. září 2015
  • B10c2b veracrypt

    @P3terFusi0n Even some of the famous trainers don't have that kind of option ;/

    I'm sorry but I'm not that experienced xD I'll probably release an update later today or on the 5th.
    Depends on my time ;) I hope you like the new features I will be addng in the next update :D

    03. září 2015