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  • 73a7bf theaetik

    Thanks @CyborgParrot

    Glad to hear yo say this, I do have a project of my own in the works.

    29. prosinec 2021
  • 73a7bf theaetik

    @IAKIRAI There are 100 different characters to make up for the lack of character customization, which you should know, is very long and complicated to implement.

    I don't know what you mean by character's class.

    02. říjen 2021
  • 73a7bf theaetik

    @VinnyTek Hey, Did you make sure to delete all the previous version of Scripthook? What does the log says?

    If you see "GTA.UI.WorldToScreen" anywhere, it's because the newer Scripthook is still present and trying to run the mod.

    18. září 2021
  • 73a7bf theaetik

    @ThatGuy6211 As mentioned previously, script hook 3 changed too many variables to make the mod work past the initial problems resolved. I wasted hours trying to figure out why enemies die in one hit for some reasons. For example. I don't have any time left for this.

    14. srpen 2021
  • 73a7bf theaetik

    @Thomas10310 Glad you enjoy it! As for the suggestions, new location is next to impossible with the current system and how R* made them..

    I'd update the mod if it picked up again. Seems extremely unlikely.

    @mspyker13 That update is only tuner cars correct?

    @Aussie Username is renamed to NAUGHTY BOY if you use invincibility cheats. ;)

    11. srpen 2021
  • 73a7bf theaetik

    @SlicedLettuce ScriptHookVDotNet2.log should say what went wrong. It's clear to me that the mod did crash.

    27. červen 2021
  • 73a7bf theaetik

    All newer version(s) of script hook needs to be removed as per in install instructions. GTA.UI.WorldToScreen is broken only in newer versions which means you didn't complete this step.



    And install the specific version I put in all caps. Should fix it.

    04. červen 2021
  • 73a7bf theaetik

    @zack_mathissa I really don't understand how that's possible, but at any rate, glad it's working for you now.

    01. červen 2021
  • 73a7bf theaetik

    @zack_mathissa That makes no sense, Script Hook is disabled when launching Online.

    28. květen 2021
  • 73a7bf theaetik

    @robbiesaurus Hi, try disabling Auto-Run in the mod settings.

    What's probably happening is that I'm simulating SHIFT down when this is ON, that is my first guess since it used to work fine before the last update adding this feature.

    After it's disabled, press SHIFT a few times to be sure to toggle it off. Everything should be in order after. Hopefully.

    11. duben 2021