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    @whitishclay If the car has been updated, it will now be located in a later update path i.e. patchday10, might have to use ctrl F3 and search schwarzer to find it

    04. prosinec 2016
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    @l_Castelli_l I played the game yesterday after the small update, however only today is it crashing.

    I want to know if this is due to scripthook before I start going through my mods to see if the crashing originates from there.

    03. prosinec 2016
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    People who are having the no wheels problem etc, when you install the mod, it only replaces the .ytd & .ytf files, not the _hi.ytf file - YOU MUST DELETE THIS FILE, OR THE MOD WILL NOT WORK.

    Good mod, looks great. Only hope you will get around to improving the interior!

    24. srpen 2016