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    @Meamore That bit is beyond my knowledge. As far as I know the vehicle is Non-ELS and the reason for the different lights is because the orange lights are an Extra. If I understand it, I believe the extras are randomized when you spawn it. I'm not sure if its possible to fix that (unless you use a script to spawn cars instead of a menu like vMenu) or if you can do something with the meta files to accomplish the same thing. If you do figure it out do let me know. :)

    20. srpen 2019
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    @Meamore I managed to do it. All i had to do was alter some textures (dashlight_emissive, raptortextures, lib2_misc, and M7) so the lighting is orange and then I edited the corona.meta file to match by changing the blue and red colors to orange (0xFFFFA500)

    18. srpen 2019