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    I don’t know if I’m dumb, or if all the people here are dumb. Do not ask a creator to modify a mod specially for you ! Vehicles.META is in update/update.rpf/common/data/levels/gtaV
    You search annihilator in the bar and add in the flags category, the one in the description.
    Then if you want to add it to the dispatch, you search SWAT_HELI and change the regular polmav to annihilator. Simple. Just need to know the bases of modding.
    Also, as soon as the vehicle does not go in a custom « dlc » file, it’s not an add on the a replace.

    09. srpen 2022
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    Hi ! I will test this mod soon, but for everyone saying this mod don’t work, when I go into it I spawn in the void, that is because you haven’t activated Multiplayer Map with a trainer ! The avenger interior is considered as a map in GTA Online, this is the reason.

    05. prosinec 2021
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    Hello with simple zombies mod this map don't work. Vehicles don't spawn and zombies too.
    I hope you are still here and will try to help me.

    08. červenec 2021