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  • 322d85 xenav edit

    We already resolved this issue peacefully. He removed RGS files.

    05. květen 2022
  • 322d85 xenav edit

    Can you, please, remove files that belong to Realistic Guns Sounds creators? Otherwise, I guess, I will have to file a report.

    30. duben 2022
  • 322d85 xenav edit

    Just run "UNINSTALL - RGS.oiv". If you can't find it, here's a screenshot:

    30. září 2021
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    @RisingDeep Can you stop lying and accusing everyone of wrongdoing? You only realize your mistake after you got punishment.
    You misunderstand the whole "competition" thing. I never compete with you. Don't make any conspiracy theories.
    Also, do I need to refresh your memory? Originally, I rated your mod 5 stars (, if you don't remember. But then, after you released that fateful 5.0 update I rated your mod with 2 stars (, and I actually had a reason for that, as everyone else back then. I accept that I might be too harsh, but my purpose in doing this was to make you fix your mod as soon as possible, because 5.0 was a disaster. I never made any "new" accounts unlike you. When you got caught creating multiple accounts the first time I changed my rating back to 5 stars (everyone can check that even now), because you seemed to care about rating too much.
    As for the original game files: that wasn't a mistake. You uploaded these files on purpose. Even in your own preview you can notice that all of the DLC weapons sound like in original game (Perico Pistol is the most easy noticeable): Yes, they do not sound totally the same, but that's because how GTA 5 sound engine works, it applies some sounds from "weapons.awc" which, of course, is edited by you.

    29. prosinec 2020
  • 322d85 xenav edit

    I thought we had a conversation about "realistic"... I explained myself pretty clearly back then, it seems like you've forgotten.

    28. prosinec 2020
  • 322d85 xenav edit

    I never cared about competition and never will. It seems like you're the one who competing with someone.
    "Sounds Only" optional was first created by me in RGS 3.1 (November 13, 2018) and only in 5.2 version of your mod (September 23, 2020) you added the same feature. I just didn't care about adding it to RGS 4.0 because originally there was other purpose of sharing new version. As for the FiveM support: I was asked to make RGS compatible with FiveM for a long period of time (after releasing RGS 4.0 to be exact) and I can prove that FiveM compatibility was worked on one week before you added it to your mod ( RGS 4.1 was planned to be released back in september/october but I got really busy (I can prove that too if you need it).
    Also, please, stop doing this: And this:
    This "competition" thing is ruining modding. I release my mods because I want to show what I achieved while I was working on something. I want to make something great, that many people would like to play with. For you it seems like only purpose im modding you see is to ruin someone's mood.
    Also, me and moderator can easily prove that you indeed put original game files into 4.6.1. Stop posing yourself as a victim, you're not the victim here.

    28. prosinec 2020
  • 322d85 xenav edit

    @Albert_G Well, I thought it's kind of obvious, you know... I can't understand why people don't know how to uninstall the mod. Like, you just need to delete the "mods" folder (if you have other mods installed in that folder, you should have made a backup of "mods" folder before installing, that's a common thing when it comes to installing mods). Is it that hard?

    @mito2206 muzzleflash looked better indeed, but it wasn't realistic.

    11. listopad 2020
  • 322d85 xenav edit

    What's wrong with it?

    13. říjen 2020
  • 322d85 xenav edit

    @FluffyPlays22 Um, what? This mod doesn't remove bullet tracers, it doesn't touch any weapon effects at all, except muzzle flash textures.
    @hotrodford yes, you can. You don't need to ask me for permission in this case.
    @nickaoke It changes sounds for a lot of weapons (Desert Eagle, Advanced Rifle, Assault Rifle, Bullpup Rifle and many others). If you don't install weapons.meta mod will not sound the same.
    @Three60Media Mod isn't compatible with FiveM yet.

    11. říjen 2020
  • 322d85 xenav edit

    Do you play on legal copy of the game? Problem like this may occur on cracked game, I'm not sure if it's possible to happen on legal game copy.
    Stop promoting your mod here, please.

    25. září 2020