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    I tried following the instructions from the video, but I don't find anything in terms of gameconfig when opening the xml file. (gonna post everything that's on the xml of it)

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    -<package target="Five" id="{BDA5F91A-EC81-45ED-A101-480E9F5928D4}" version="2.1">


    <name>NO UMBRELLAS</name>











    -<description footerLinkTitle="" footerLink="">

    -<![CDATA[Read the installation instructions before installing World of Variety and its options.
    Installation instructions are in the 'read me.txt' and can be opened with notepad.]]>

    -<largeDescription footerLinkTitle="" footerLink="" displayName="">


    -<licence footerLinkTitle="" footerLink="">

    -<![CDATA[Copying, redistributing, modifying and use of any part of this mod without explicit permission from the creators involved is prohibited.]]>



    <headerBackground useBlackTextColor="true">$ffffffff</headerBackground>




    -<archive type="RPF7" createIfNotExist="false" path="update\update.rpf">

    <add source="conditionalanims.meta">common\data\ai\conditionalanims.meta</add>




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    30. říjen 2021
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    I installed gameconfig and the weapon config with the mod but it keeps saying invalid model

    27. říjen 2021