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  • 57236d blue back

    tooooooooooooooo goooooooood 10/10

    29. říjen 2017
  • 57236d blue back

    looks great !
    if you want to work with mp MP Character then i have some suggestion
    1) try to make a better looking mp player like perfect shape of body muscles , six pack etc.
    2) try to create mp props like bag packs , tour bags or new clothes etc.

    27. říjen 2017
  • 57236d blue back

    @tanisx i am waiting for your answer you can send message on my Facebook and Instagram by clicking on those buttons on my profile of this site

    02. říjen 2017
  • 57236d blue back

    @tanisx I know your are learning how to code i read your comment in Pull me over
    So if you dont mind i want to help you may i?

    02. říjen 2017
  • 57236d blue back

    @AlexGtaVGamer ok ok i understand
    i will try to make it try to add some new fight styles sure
    thank you for giving this idea

    23. červenec 2017
  • 57236d blue back

    @AlexGtaVGamer a can you please explain it in drift what do you want exectly?

    22. červenec 2017
  • 57236d blue back

    @ashishcw oh that's great thank you

    08. červenec 2017
  • 57236d blue back

    @ashishcw hey what's your email id or can i get something to contect you because i see your all mods and i very much like it but cant play some of them but i like them and if i get chance than i want to play with them
    but first i want to join with someone and want to learn and wants to make a mod in group so if you don have any problem then can i join you ? can we create a group?

    07. červenec 2017
  • 57236d blue back

    @ashishcw Thank you Brother but if this mod is working and peoples like this mod so it's only because of you and many others who made this type of mods in past because i try to use that mod but they not working for me so i think why i cant create my own and i create it simply so Thank yo for that

    07. červenec 2017
  • 57236d blue back

    nice idea
    i have some suggestions for you

    you can do some thing like animal ark from where you can buy a pet you can train them can give some food can play with them can love them

    i hope you like this suggestions

    02. červenec 2017