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  • 2115bf logo hennysmafter

    @sollaholla I told you before but this stuff is amazing!

    27. květen 2016
  • 2115bf logo hennysmafter

    @sollaholla I told you before but this stuff is amazing!

    27. květen 2016
  • 2115bf logo hennysmafter

    @sollaholla I told you before but this stuff is amazing!

    27. květen 2016
  • 2115bf logo hennysmafter

    @sollaholla I told you before but this stuff is amazing!

    27. květen 2016
  • 2115bf logo hennysmafter

    @OmegaKingMods This is a beautiful mod and I am very excited to see what the new features are going to bring us. Thank you for taking the time in developing this!

    24. květen 2016
  • 2115bf logo hennysmafter

    @ImNotMentaL Today I went back to do some modding myself and learning as I go the C# language. I created a basic mod that makes peds spawn. Yeah really simple but a great stepping stone for learning. Now I start up GTA and the player spawns inside the apartment???

    So I remove my just created mod and the player no longer spawns? This is just some feedback maybe it gives you a bit more information. I must say this is tested on your previous version I just seen that you uploaded again a update. Where the hell do you get the time to do so much great modding.

    Thank you and I wished I could give this mod ten stars because it deserves it.

    Are you willing in helping/sharing ideas? Before you answer I want to let you know that I am willing to share and help as much as I can.

    16. květen 2016
  • 2115bf logo hennysmafter

    @ImNotMentaL Alright, too bad you can't replicate would make things a lot easier. Anyone else experiencing this maybe we can pinpoint where the problem is?

    15. květen 2016
  • 2115bf logo hennysmafter

    @eshenk Is saving and spawning working for you? It is not for me and was wondering if others could test this? As I think ImNotMentaL is not believing me somehow or just ignoring!

    15. květen 2016
  • 2115bf logo hennysmafter

    @ImNotMentaL I don't think you understand what I am saying and have been saying in the last three comments. I buy a apartment from your mod, go to the bedroom, save via the bed and then on game load it just spawns somewhere and not in the apartment.

    So your last comment is redundant. As I already pointed out in the comment before that is that I am saving at their apartment. I don't save by phone I save by the bed. So there is clearly something going on.

    I got no other mods (not even my own), Completely updated retail GTA, Scripthooks etc, and no matter what it won't spawn the player inside the apartment.

    I followed the instructions and they are rather simple. Walk to the bed press E and then save.
    Then I go to mainmenu and click load the just created savegame and on load the player spawns randomly but never in the apartment.

    Still enjoying the mod! If my comment is a bit harsh then please bare with me I had a really bad day.
    Thanks for all the time you are putting into this and your other mods.

    14. květen 2016
  • 2115bf logo hennysmafter

    @ImNotMentaL Yes so I bought yesterday two apartments both are about 80-90k I saved the game via the bed in both apartments and on load it spawns me to a random place. So I was wondering what I did wrong?

    //Property Owner
    3ASowner "Franklin"
    4IWowner "None"
    DPHwoner "None"
    DPHHLowner "None"
    ETowner "None"
    4IWHLowner "None"
    ETHLowner "None"
    RMHLowner "None"
    TTHLowner "None"
    RMowner "None"
    SSowner "None"
    TTowner "None"
    WPowner "None"
    VPBowner "None"
    2044NCowner "None"
    2862HAowner "None"
    2868HAowner "None"
    3655WODowner "None"
    2045NCowner "None"
    2117MRowner "None"
    2874HAowner "None"
    3677WMDowner "None"
    2113MWTowner "None"
    ETP1owner "None"
    ETP2owner "None"
    ETP3owner "None"
    CAowner "None"
    BCAowner "None"
    0184MRowner "None"
    0325SRDowner "None"
    SMMowner "None"
    0604LLBowner "None"
    SAonwer "None"
    BDPowner "None"
    PSowner "None"
    PPSowner "None"
    SVSowner "None"
    2143LLBowner "None"
    TRowner "None"
    HAowner "None"
    SRowner "None"
    4401PDowner "None"
    4584PDowner "None"
    0112SRDowner "Franklin"
    ZAowner "None"
    PBowner "None"
    GAowner "None"

    //Custom Apartment IPL
    ETP1ipl "apa_v_mp_h_01_a"
    ETP2ipl "apa_v_mp_h_01_b"
    ETP3ipl "apa_v_mp_h_01_c"

    //Michael Last Position
    MlastInterior "None"
    MlastPosX "0"
    MlastPosY "0"
    MlastPosZ "0"

    //Franklin Last Position
    FlastInterior "3Alta"
    FlastPosX "-283,3447"
    FlastPosY "-959,6693"
    FlastPosZ "86,3036"

    //Trevor Last Position
    TlastInterior "None"
    TlastPosX "0"
    TlastPosY "0"
    TlastPosZ "0"

    //Player3 Last Position
    3lastInterior "None"
    3lastPosX "0"
    3lastPosY "0"
    3lastPosZ "0"

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    13. květen 2016