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    Is there a way we can change planes to something different? Maybe even an addon plane or two? Enjoying the mod so far!

    06. leden 2020
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    @lucasvinbr You're awesome! Thanks!

    05. leden 2020
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    This seems to be affecting police response for me. I can kill cops and the stars show for about 3 seconds then disappear as if I never committed a crime. I narrowed it down to this mod, as I don't have many other scripts, and my trainers have been verified to work correctly. I love this mod, but I also don't want to lose an important aspect of the game

    04. leden 2020
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    any reason the pillbox hill lombank tower garage can only hold 2 cars out of 6? I try to put another car in and it says I messed up somehow. A couple other garages work just fine.

    02. leden 2020