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  • Lamar

    @damzen I had that problem, this is how I fixed it. (Btw this is off of my head so tell me if I explain something badly)

    1. Find the file you are trying to edit/replace (in our case its the vehicles.oac) into a temp folder, name it wahtever you want because it is just temporary.

    2. You should have 2 files in the temp folder, a folder and another file (forgot what its called.) Here, replace the vehicles folder in the temp folder with the vehicles folder from the download, and then right click in residents.rpf and then select import openformats or something like that then select the other file from the temp folder and import it, then from here you just let it install, and this time it should install very smoothly. Any question just reply back :)

    16. srpen 2016
  • Lamar

    @Double Doppler I'm sorry, I'm very noob to this sort of thing, could you explain that in a noob way please :p

    10. srpen 2016
  • Lamar

    @Double Doppler My lightbar doesn't seem to work, I have done everything in the how to install readme and still no luck. Any help would be appreciated :)

    09. srpen 2016
  • Lamar

    When I try and spawn it, it just says invalid model. Pls help :(

    09. červenec 2016
  • Lamar

    How do u spawn it?

    12. únor 2016
  • Lamar

    FIX!! FIX!!!! I think this would apply to anyone who uses the fov mod. The easy way of saying it is, if ur using dsound.dll for the fov mod, STOP USING IT. I took it out my gta 5 folder and its working perfect;y now. Hope i helped!!

    17. prosinec 2015
  • Lamar

    @MrCyborg No problem mate :)

    08. listopad 2015
  • Lamar

    @MrCyborg This is what I did: Go to the xml file provided with the enhanced native trainer which should be in ur gta 5 directory, then rename it and change xml to txt then press enter then a message might pop up, just click yes. once you have opened it in notepad you can change the F4 IN VK_F4 to any key function key (eg. VK_F3) Once you have changed the key, save it and close it and rename it back to an xml file then press enter. If a message pops up just click yes. Then launch gta 5. When u press F3 (my example key) the enhanced native trainer will open, when u press f4, the normal native trainer will open :) The numpad keys are same as normal. Hope i helped

    04. listopad 2015
  • Lamar

    @itzWillA is your num-lock on? if it isnt on it will not scroll

    20. září 2015
  • Lamar

    you've impressed me so far so i am happy to try it!

    17. srpen 2015