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    - Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause changing areas to multiply the base values used when calculating Area.Drugs.Drug.Delay.

    před 20 minutami
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    - Fixed System.NullReferenceException. Again caused by no valid peds for customers.

    2 hours ago
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    - Fixed System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException that could happen at LSlife.LSL.Area.GetCustomer(List`1 peds) if there where no valid peds within range to become customers but a drugs demand dictated there should be a new customer selected.
    - Fixed menu and notification text for drop customers.
    - Fixed Area.Drugs.Drug.Delay for all area drugs not being considered for selecting new customers and doubled base values for all Delays.
    - Fixed Area.Drugs.Drug.SelectCustomer not being reset to false when a customer should be selected but the player is not selling that drug.
    - Removed the do not copy folder in the, its redundant.

    2 hours ago
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    - Rewrote a large part of how my script handles areas on the map and drugs within each area. This enables me greater control of the market and whats happening in that area. I have done in in such a way its easy for me to add new data in future for each area for new events and other random stuff happening.
    - Each area on the map now has its own values for prices, supply, demand for each drug.These values mostly stay unchanged across the board right now, but i have plans to make them more dynamic in the next update.
    - Wealth no longer exists, its been replaced with:
    AreaType - Currently 3 types. Poor, Normal, Rich.
    CopPresence - Value ranging from 0 - 10 representing the strength in the area.
    GangPresence - Value ranging from 0 - 10 representing the strength in the area.
    - You can effectively sell anything anywhere, customer selection has been changed, each drug in each area has its own timer between posible sales. The Length of this timer is based of the drugs demand, Demand is then based of the drugs prefered AreaType vs the AreaType of the place youre selling and the supply of the drug. Supply can not change right now and will always remain at 0.
    - None of this new Area data is being saved between games currently and is generated based on its type. This will change in the future once i am finished with how the area data is structured and more testing is done.

    5 hours ago
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    @Losthegamer01 I use multiple models, ArmLieut01GMM is the driver, his vehicle is the INGOT, Weapons and Drug dealer is ArmBoss01GMM.

    18 hours ago
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    @midnight_kr3w Next update maybe a few weeks, alot of the underlying systems are being rewritten and improved.

    před 4 dny
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    @937styles I do not supply Ifruit2addon or nativeUI, these can be found at
    Everything else is contained within the Rar file supplied.

    před 4 dny
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    @SISR98 Once you have experianced an error in game, open ScriptHookVDotNet.log with notepad. You will find this log file inside your GTA folder.
    You will see alot of information in this log, but keep scrolling down until you find the error that was reported in game. Highlight all the relevant lines and push CTRL+C (to copy the highlighted text), then make a new post here and paste the error by pushing CTRL+V (to past the highlighted text).

    před 5 dny
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    @gorgonut The teleport issue is due to open interiors.

    před 6 dny
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    @gorgonut Id have to double check, only if you are in possession of drugs when busted or wasted you lose your money, if no drugs, nothing should be lost.

    před 6 dny