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    You're welcome. ;-)

    30. květen 2016
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    I know, right? The hypocrisy is astounding! :-P

    25. srpen 2015
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    God forbid someone actually uploads a, *gasp*, NON-serious police modification(!) Oh no, how fucking dare they have the nerve to do so(!) X-3

    21. srpen 2015
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    I think that you missed Trabman21's word play there buddy. ;-3

    24. červenec 2015
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    Personally, I think that it's a bit idiotic to remove modifications such as these based on negative comments which claim racism and discrimination. These kinds of mod's are clearly harmless fun and if people take offence, so be it. Obviously, management has final say and not me, but I think it's important to bear in mind that dislikes should not equal whether a mod' is removed or not. If a mod' contains malware or such, by all means get rid of that shit, but a mod' like this? Nah, if people don't like it, they can hit "Dislike" and not use the mod'. Simple really.

    21. květen 2015